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Feng shui of Madrid
Madrid, Spain’s golden capital, is a city of beautiful boulevards and open, well-manicured parks such as the Buen Retiro. It’s famous for its rich treasuries of European art, including the Prado Museum’s works by Goya, Velázquez and other Spanish masters. Madrid is in the centre of Spain and the feng shui heart of Madrid is the portico-lined Plaza Mayor, and nearby is the baroque Royal Palace and Armory. Other important plazas are Gran Via, Plaza de la Cruz Verde and Plaza de Oriente. Madrid is also the largest city in Spain before Barcelona. Let’s examine how the feng shui of Madrid compares to Barcelona and other Spanish cities (Valencia and Seville).

Feng Shui Consultant in Madrid Spain

Feng Shui Consultant in Madrid Spain

The heart of Spain
Madrid was selected as Spain’s capital in 1561 because of Madrid’s centrality in embodying the central power of the Crown. Puerta del Sol plaza, in the heart of Madrid, stands as Madrid’s legendary symbol — a sculpted bear under a strawberry tree (madroño) and is also a signpost pointing in all directions to various of Spain’s provincial capitals. Good feng shui positioning.

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High views
Madrid is the highest capital in Europe and offers some spectacular views. If you stay in Hotel Puerta America in Madrid, you’ll enjoy the nicest views of the city as well as top-down views of the pavements through the hotel’s glass balcony. This 13th floor, the designer hotel was designed by 19 different architects and designers, such as Teresa Sapey, Sir Norman Foster, Eva Castro and Holgar Kehne, Ron Arad, Jean Nouvel and Zaha Hadid. Or visit Mirador Madrid at Palacio de Cibeles, which offers spectacular views of Madrid as well.

Mirador Madrid for feng shui views

Mirador Madrid for feng shui views

The Five Elemental Symphony of Madrid
Spain’s capital city, Madrid, offers an intriguing perspective on the world of feng shui, an ancient philosophy that seeks harmony between individuals and their environment. In Madrid, we find a compelling interplay of the five feng shui elements – water, wood, fire, earth, and metal – each contributing to the city’s vibrant atmosphere and unique appeal.

Water: Flow of Life and Prosperity
In feng shui, water signifies abundance and prosperity, a feature embodied in Madrid’s urban layout. While Madrid isn’t a coastal city or flanked by a major river, it does feature significant water elements. Manzanares River, which runs through the city’s heart, and the numerous fountains scattered across Madrid, like the Cibeles and Neptune fountains, contribute to the city’s fluidity and dynamism. These water features, combined with Madrid’s lively cultural and economic life, reflect the continuous flow of energy and prosperity. Although Madrid is not by the sea like Barcelona and Valencia, it has a river, Manzanares, it’s full of greenery and water features. Water is very important in feng shui and cities and towns by the sea or with rivers thrive more than the ones that have a lack of water element. Retiro Park has a lake in the middle.

Wood: Green Vitality
Wood, representing growth and vitality, is beautifully manifested in Madrid’s abundant green spaces. The Retiro Park, a lush oasis within the city, is a perfect example, its diverse vegetation, including the 400-year-old Mexican conifer, exemplifies the Wood element’s robust life force. Retiro Park is exactly the same size as Hyde Park in London which is about 350 acres and has 15 000 trees and over 4000 rose bushes which make it very fractal indeed. At its centre, there is a lake – perfect for rowing. Retiro Park was originally a private retreat for the Spanish Royal family. The Casa de Campo, a vast urban parkland, further enhances the city’s verdant palette, providing refreshing green lungs for Madrid’s inhabitants.

Fire: Passionate Energy
Fire, signifying transformation and passion, finds resonance in Madrid’s sunny climate and vibrant cultural life. The city’s energy is palpable in its lively fiestas, passionate flamenco performances, and the fervour of football matches. The warmth of the Madrid people, their zest for life, and the city’s hot summers amplify this fiery aspect, sparking transformative energy throughout the city. Madrid, fortunately, is the sunniest city in Europe.

Earth: Grounded in Rich History
Earth, symbolizing stability and groundedness, is rooted in Madrid’s historical edifices and heritage. The imposing Royal Palace, the Almudena Cathedral, and the age-old streets of the Madrid de los Austrias area provide a sense of grounding and continuity. These sites, coupled with the city’s deep cultural heritage, offer earthy stability amidst Madrid’s dynamic pulse.

Metal: Resilience and Innovation
Finally, the Feng Shui element of metal, associated with resilience and clarity, shines in Madrid’s modern architecture and progressive spirit. The city’s skyline, dotted with high-rises like the Cuatro Torres Business Area, manifests Madrid’s relentless progress. This evolution, combined with the city’s resilience reflected in its rich history, embodies the precision, clear thinking, and resilience of the Metal element.

In conclusion, Madrid’s unique fusion of the five feng shui elements creates an energetic harmony that contributes to its character as a vibrant, evolving metropolis. Whether you are a feng shui enthusiast or a curious traveller, Madrid invites you to experience a cityscape where natural elements and urban life intertwine to create a memorable symphony.

Air element
The air quality has improved dramatically in the past years which makes Madrid more walkable.

The heart of Madrid
The Plaza Mayor is the most important gathering place in Madrid. The open cobblestone plaza is a pedestrian area encompassed by cafés and restaurants shaded by its arcades. Walking here or sitting in cafes is a very popular activity to do in Madrid at night or any time of the day for both tourists and Madrileños.

Lots of sunshine and barrios contribute to a buzzing social life and create a fun-loving glow.

Feng shui of Madrid

Feng shui of Madrid

Energy flow in Madrid
Most of Madrid is based on a grid-like layout which makes the energy flow easy to predict and follow. Also, grid-like layouts represent the earth element. The views of mountains and the energy of mountains enhance the element of earth.

People create the chi (spirit) of the place and the best way to feel the spirit of Madrid is to explore it on foot – for example, the streets in La Latina or the Mercado de San Fernando. Explore paseos in Madrid such as Paseo de Rosales.

To get to Madrid from the airport, take the metro, which is quicker and cheaper than a taxi. You may also arrive at the main train station in Madrid is called Atocha, which has nice plants.

Predecessor law
Madrid was originally called Mayrit and was founded by the emir Muhammad at the end of the IX century. It was under the Arab occupation of the Iberian Peninsula, but then Madrid gained significance since initially the main city in the Spanish plain had been Toledo. Madrid has the largest royal palace and the oldest restaurant in the world. Spanish Inquisition was very active in Madrid, with almost daily public executions.

Feng shui of Madrid

Feng shui of Madrid

Values of Spaniards
Sun, contentment, and security in nature offer Spaniards basic happiness. And life in Spain is full of siestas so to seek work-life balance, Spaniards practise the tradition of siesta. Life-work balance is well established here.

Spain is 60% Catholic and the presence of churches reminds us about the spiritual and religious nature of Spaniards.

The citizens of Madrid are called Madrileños or Gatos, which translates as ‘cats’.

Art in Madrid
The art scene can reveal the creative nature of a place. Art belongs to the fire element in the five-element theory. Visit the Prado Museum (free entrance in late afternoons to see 7600 paintings, 1000 sculptures and 8200 drawings), and you’ll discover an extensive collection of works by Goya, El Greco, Velázquez, Rubens and others as well as Bosch below. Reina Sofia Museum houses Guernica by Picasso as well as Salvadore Dali’s work.

The garden of earthly delights by Bosch

The Garden of earthly delights by Bosch in Prado Museum

Food element
For your sweet tooth, La Violeta offers violet candies. Obviously, ham carving has been mastered in Spain (it takes about one hour and a half to carve a whole ham leg) and you can’t escape seeing it everywhere. For drinks, I suggest vermouth (with complimentary tapas), which can be found in Vermoutharias.

“#Ponzaning” is a word and popular hashtag coined by Karla Sarti, a Mexican fashion and food writer who now lives in Madrid, which refers to drinking and dining up and down Calle Ponzano. Different areas of Madrid attract people for pub crawls and tapas trawls — the boozy buffet of tavernas along Cava Baja, the ring of terraces around Plaza Olavide.

Metrics of Madrid
Population: 3.2 million in the city, 6.5 million in the metro area
Murders: 20
Unemployment rate: 9.7%
Cost of monthly travel card: 54.60 euro
Media: four papers dedicated to Madrid
Homes built in the past year: 7000
Independent bookshops: 584
Charging points for electric cars: 122
Airport connections: 179 international connections from Madrid Barajas International Airport

Feng shui consultants in Madrid, Spain

There are feng shui consultants in Madrid, Spain. But if you live in Madrid and are looking for a feng shui consultant near you in Spain – with 30+ years of experience in feng shui, vastu and environmental psychology, feel free to call/text me on +44 7956 288574 for a quote for feng shui consultation for your home or workplace. Although I live in London, I do remote feng shui consultations, and I do travel. Email me

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