Remote Feng Shui Consultations

Remote / distant feng shui on mobile phone, computer, tables via Skype or FaceTime

Remote / distant feng shui on a mobile phone, computer, tables via Skype or FaceTime

Remote feng shui consultations

You can now enjoy the full benefits of feng shui at a fraction of an on-site feng shui consultation. Online or remote feng shui consultations for homes, business, selling properties or buying properties and auspicious date selection.

Distant feng shui consultations

For people whom my onsite consultations are too expensive or impractical due to the distance, I provide a top rate internet-based distant feng shui consultation service.  You will receive a full consultation with feng shui report and follow-up fine tuning after the first consultation. I would need information about the property, compass readings, floor plans, specific information regarding the surroundings, dates of births of occupants and your reasons for the consultation. Specific address will also help to view the property via Google Earth – if that’s not available, videos, photos of the property will enable me to assess the property for a full off-site feng shui consultation.

Pre-purchase feng shui consultations

When you are looking into buying a new property and have found potential ones, I offer a pre-purchase, initial feng shui assessment for you remotely from the estate agents website, a floor plan and photos which are more than adequate for evaluating if the property is good for you and your family. Remote pre-purchase feng shui consultation will save you time as well as give you peace of mind for various practical and sometimes confusing feng shui aspects. I will also give you key criteria for finding the best feng shui-compliant properties.

Pre-sale feng shui consultations

More and more people check properties before buying them so there are feng shui compliant. Feng shui is now becoming one of the key factors that prospective purchasers consider for purchasing decisions. Rectifying the key problematic feng shui aspects before you put your property on the market can make or break the sale. Smart and elegant feng shui enhancements will help to optimise your property for an easier and more successful sale.  Most people can show me their property with their mobile phones or tablets using mobile apps such as Whatsapp or Skype or similar to view their properties remotely. I will be able to advise you specifically on the key aspects and what exactly to do for a successful sale, without the need for onsite consultation. Or I will advise you if an on-site feng shui consultation would be more effective to get the results.

More info about feng shui for buying and selling properties 

“Jan, Today, I simply imagined doing the ‘red envelope ritual’ for a house sale, ie wood from near the stove into a river etc. Less than 3 hours later, I received an email from a neighbour whom I haven’t even met, saying he’s happy to buy my flat privately!!! I’m over the moon – that’s real magic, Feng Shui at it’s best – it works even if it’s done virtually. Best regards. Katherine.”
Katherine Loynes, Property Finder, Richmond, Surrey, UK

About your virtual feng shui consultant

Jan Cisek has done over 10 000 onsite and online, distant feng shui consultations and is also an expert dowser for geopathic stress and other modern environmental factors such as electro-smog and sick building syndrome that are important for healthy homes and successful workplaces or businesses. More info about your virtual feng shui consultant

How online feng shui remote consultation works

If there are visuals online, you’ll just need to send me the link. Or you’ll need to email floor plans and photos of your home or business. If you have a wifi network at home, you can show me your space via the Internet connection. Or if you have a smartphone, you can use FaceTime/ Skype / Whatsapp to do the same.

Call/ text/ Whatsapp me on 07956 288574 (from abroad +44 7956 288574) or email me