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Feng shui design for casinos

Feng shui has been applied in the design of many well-known casinos such as Hippodrome in London UK, The Lucky Dragon Hotel and Casino and Bellagio Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA as well as the Hotel and Casino Lisboa as well as Wynn Casino in Macao.

Feng shui of London’s Hippodrome casino

Like all good casinos, London Hippodrome casino has used feng shui in its design. The Hippodrome is located very well, right on the corner of Leicester Square and Charing Cross Road. It is open 24 hours a day and there’s no official dress code. Lots of customers come not to actually to gamble but to stay at several bars, the Heliot Steakhouse restaurant and visit a cabaret theatre and use private event spaces. Obviously, the casino gets plenty of guests from the neighbouring Chinatown and that’s why the main entrance has been specially designed according to feng shui principles.

Feng shui casino design in Las Vegas

Feng shui casino design in Las Vegas

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