Divination modalities that are used in feng shui. I Ching. Dowsing. Astrology. Tarot. Runes.

There are many divination modalities, and in feng shui, some of the most popular divination techniques are I Ching, astrology, dowsing Tarot and so on.

What is divination?

Divination (from Latin divinare ‘to foresee, to be inspired by a god’, related to divinus, divine) is a mode of thinking to get insights into a question or situation using different divination methods such as I Ching, astrology, dowsing, tarot, runes, reading leaves or coffee, numerology and so on. I wonder if you can pretend you’ve never had precognitive and audacious thinking in your life and imagine what it is like to go through a typical day.

I Ching / Yijing: Book of Changes

I Ching is a Chinese method of divination and one of the oldest known Chinese philosophy texts and is composed of 64 hexagrams based on the combination of eight trigrams and is used in feng shui. Somebody wise said, “Be happy for all the time you don’t need, I Ching.” because if you do, you’re probably at a difficult time in your life.

“The Book of Changes is thought to be the oldest of the great Chinese classics and to date from perhaps as early as 1300 BCE. The book may also go back to the earliest phases of human thought because the I Ching is really the ground plan in the way in which not only the Chinese think, it’s almost a mapping of all the thinking processes of man.” The I Ching is the basis for polymath Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz’s binary code and, consequently, the basis of our current digital technology. Psychologist Carl Jung used the Book of Changes to examine notions of synchronicity or ‘meaningful coincidence.’ Alan Watts considered the I Ching to be a conceptual model that charted the thinking processes of the human mind.

Alan Watts was aware of the fact that the system of arithmetic which is used by digital computers came from the I Ching, ie the binary code: “We have a binary system of arithmetic zero and one in varying arrangements. Digital computers use a number system which consists only of the figures zero and one, out of which you can construct any number and this was invented by Leibniz, who got it from the Book of Changes.”

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