Based Feng Shui – a Type of Feng Shui

My holistic and integral feng shui style: modern, integral, person-centred and evidence-based approach – in short, based feng shui

Quite often my potential clients ask me what kind of feng shui I do. Obviously, I’ve studied all kinds of feng shui schools, starting from classical feng shui which includes form and compass as well as other forms of feng shui including modern, intuitive, holistic and so on. I’m also a scientist, an environmental psychologist. My approach to feng shui style is very eclectic and contemporary as well as person-centred. When I work, I incorporate three feng shui schools of thought – classical feng shui, modern feng shui and virtual feng shui – plus environmental psychology. As well as drawing on his extensive experience working with top brands and corporations he also introduces elements from other fields in which he has extensive expertise: geopathic stress, electromagnetic radiation (EMR) /EMF pollution, space clearing, vastu shastra, dowsing, fractality/coherence and earth acupuncture. I have produced many innovative solutions and integral improvements in feng shui (and even in branding and logo design).  I also work virtually, providing feng shui consultancy online.

Grounding or earthing has many health benefits

Based feng shui – down to earth, practical feng shui

Feng shui is the psychology of place

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