Feng Shui Consultant in Madrid, Spain. Feng Shui of Madrid and Spain.

Madrid, Spain’s golden capital, is a city of beautiful boulevards and open, well-manicured parks such as the Buen Retiro. It’s famous for its rich treasuries of European art, including the Prado Museum’s works by Goya, Velázquez and other Spanish masters. Madrid is in the centre of Spain and the feng shui heart of Madrid is the portico-lined Plaza Mayor, and nearby is the baroque Royal Palace and Armory. Other important plazas are Gran Via and Plaza de Oriente. Madrid is also the largest city in Spain before Barcelona. Let’s examine how feng shui of Madrid compares to Barcelona and other Spanish cities.

Feng Shui Consultant in Madrid Spain

Feng Shui Consultant in Madrid Spain

The heart of Spain
Madrid was selected as Spain’s capital in 1561 because of Madrid’s centrality to embody the central power of the Crown. Puerta del Sol plaza, in the heart of Madrid, stands as Madrid’s legendary symbol — a sculpted bear under a strawberry tree (madroño) and is also a signpost pointing in all directions to various of Spain’s provincial capitals. Good feng shui positioning.

Water element
Although Madrid is not by the sea but it has a river, Manzanares, it’s full of greenery and water features. Water is very important in feng shui and cities and towns by the sea or with rivers thrive more than the ones that have a lack of water element.

Air element
The air quality has improved dramatically in the past years which makes Madrid more walkable.

The heart of Madrid
The Plaza Mayor is the most important gathering place in Madrid. The open cobblestone plaza is a pedestrian area, encompassed by cafés and restaurants shaded by its arcades. Walking here or sitting in cafes is a very popular activity to do in Madrid at night or any time of the day, for both tourists and Madrileños.

Lots of sunshine and barrios contribute to buzzing social life and create a fun-loving glow.

Energy flow in Madrid
Most of Madrid is based on a grid-like layout which makes the energy flow easy to predict and follow. Also, grid-like layouts represent the earth element. The views of mountains and the energy of mountains enhance the element of earth.

People create the chi (spirit) of the place and the best way to feel the spirit of Madrid is to explore it on foot – for example, the streets in La Latina or the Mercado de San Fernando.

To get to Madrid from the airport, take the metro which is quicker and cheaper than a taxi.

Feng shui of Madrid

Feng shui of Madrid

Values of Spaniards
Sun, contentment, security in nature offer Spaniards basic happiness. And life in Spain is full of siestas so to seek work-life balance, Spaniards practise the tradition of siesta. Life-work balance is well established here.

Spain is 60% Catholic and the presence of churches reminds us about the spiritual and religious nature of Spaniards.

Art in Madrid
The art scene can reveal the creative nature of a place. Art belongs to the fire element in the five element theory. Visit the Prado Museum, and you’ll discover an extensive collection of works by Goya, El Greco, Velázquez, Rubens and others.

“#Ponzaning” is a word and popular hashtag coined by Karla Sarti, a Mexican fashion and food writer who now lives in Madrid, which refers to drinking and dining up and down Calle Ponzano. Different areas of Madrid attract people for pub-crawls and tapas-trawls — the boozy buffet of tavernas along Cava Baja, the ring of terraces around Plaza Olavide.

Metrics of Madrid
Population: 3.2 million in the city, 6.5 million in the metro area
Murders: 20
Unemployment rate: 9.7%
Cost of monthly travel card: 54.60 euro
Media: four papers dedicated to Madrid
Homes built in the past year: 7000
Independent bookshops: 584
Charging points for electric cars: 122
Airport connections: 179 international connections from Madrid Barajas International Airport

Feng shui consultants in Madrid, Spain

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Feng Shui Consultant in Madrid, Spain. Feng Shui of Madrid and Spain.
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