Feng Shui for Gardens

I offer the full feng shui garden design for new and existing gardens in London, UK and worldwide

Experience the Tranquility of a Harmonious Feng Shui Garden
Unlock the potential of your garden and transform your life with our expertly crafted feng shui garden design. Our comprehensive approach combines the art of placement, vibrant plants, captivating shapes, invigorating colours, exquisite ornaments, and powerful remedies tailored to your unique needs and preferences. Discover how the strategic flow of energy can rejuvenate your garden and elevate every aspect of your life.

Perfect Placements for Positive Energy
Our meticulous design process begins with careful consideration of your personal desires and feng shui requirements. By skillfully arranging rocks, water features, and plants, as well as incorporating flowing pathways and organic shapes, we create a harmonious environment where chi, the life force energy, can effortlessly nourish every corner of your garden. Say goodbye to straight lines and embrace the beauty of curving pathways that mirror the natural flow of nature.

Feng shui gardens

Feng shui gardens

Unveiling the Bagua Model for Garden Bliss
According to the feng shui bagua model, each section of your garden symbolizes a different facet of your life, including career, relationships, family, health, wealth, and more. By aligning specific garden elements with these areas, we help you manifest positive energy and fulfilment in every aspect of your personal and professional journey. Let your garden become a reflection of your desires and aspirations.

Elevate with Enchanting Rock Placements
Experience the transformative power of feng shui rock placements. Our skilled team strategically positions rocks in your garden to amplify specific energies and stimulate your senses. Unleash the potential of your outdoor space as you bask in the harmonizing effects of these natural wonders.

Curated Garden Decor for Vibrant Energy
Every detail matters when it comes to enhancing the energy of your garden. Our expert consultants carefully evaluate your needs and preferences during the initial consultation to curate a selection of garden decor items that align with your individual style. From mirrors to antique pieces, wind chimes to water features, we provide subtle feng shui cures and remedies that anchor and activate the various areas of the bagua model. Elevate your garden’s vibrations and invite positive energy to flow effortlessly.

Feng shui garden design features water

Adorn Your Garden with Exquisite Ornaments
Enhance the beauty and feng shui of your garden with unique ornaments that are tailored to your garden’s style. Our collection includes captivating objects that captivate the eye and contribute to the energetic balance of your outdoor sanctuary. Discover the perfect addition, whether it be a mesmerizing mirror, an antique artefact, or a delicate wind chime. Let your garden radiate harmony and serenity.

Harness the Power of Water Features
Symbolizing energy, wealth, and health, water holds significant meaning in feng shui. Our team of experts carefully analyzes your garden’s layout to identify the ideal placement for water features. From expansive lakes and ponds with feng shui fish, such as koi carps, to smaller, easily maintained water elements, we help you infuse your garden with the prosperity, luck, and good fortune that water represents. No matter the size of your garden, water features can be incorporated to enrich your outdoor oasis.

Balance and Harmony through Plant Selection
Unlock the full potential of your garden with specific feng shui plants that balance and harmonize the different areas of the bagua model. Whether you seek increased wealth, prosperity, or luck in your life, our carefully chosen selection of plants, trees, and shrubs will enhance the energies that align with your desires. Allow nature’s bounty to support your journey toward abundance and fulfilment.

Feng shui garden design features

Colour Your Garden for Success
In feng shui, colours hold the power to enhance specific energies and values. By working with the five-element theory, we strategically incorporate different colours to meet your specific needs and aspirations. Imagine the vibrant red hues stimulating success and recognition or soothing blues promoting tranquility and communication. Let the colours in your garden manifest your deepest desires.

From Sprawling Gardens to Cozy Spaces
Feng shui is a versatile design system that can be applied to gardens of all sizes, from grand landscapes to intimate courtyards and even balconies. Our expertise extends beyond traditional garden spaces, as we have designed majestic gardens and window boxes using feng shui principles. No matter the size of your outdoor area, we have the expertise to enhance its feng shui and create a space that nurtures positive energy and balance.

Shape Your Destiny with Feng Shui Garden Pots
Shapes hold significant meaning in feng shui, representing different elements according to the five-element theory. By incorporating carefully selected shapes into your garden, we can create a profound impact on the energy flow. From water and wood to fire, earth, and metal elements, our skilled designers utilize the power of shapes to transform your garden and infuse it with positive intention.

Feng shui gardens - koi carps

Feng shui gardens – koi carps

Unlock Your Garden’s Full Potential with Feng Shui Remedies
Over thousands of years, feng shui has developed a range of remedies to enhance various aspects of our lives. Our expert consultants utilize the simple yet effective bagua model to identify areas in need of enhancement or change. By aligning our remedies with your specific challenges and desires, we help you unlock your garden’s true potential and create a nurturing environment for growth and prosperity.

Harness the Compass Directions in Your Garden
Compass directions play a special role in classical feng shui. In our garden design process, we consider compass directions for optimal lighting, seasonal adjustments, enhancements based on the bagua model, and stunning visual perspectives. Every detail is meticulously aligned to create a garden that harmonizes with the natural forces and supports your overall well-being.

Remote/ Feng Shui Garden Design Services 

Remote/distant/online feng shui for homes consultations are also available

While I am based in London (Chelsea SW3) and serve the surrounding areas, I am thrilled to offer online garden design services for clients worldwide. Through virtual consultations and innovative design techniques, I bring the transformative power of feng shui to your doorstep, no matter where you reside. Let us create a feng shui garden that brings balance, tranquillity, and abundance to your life, even from a distance.

Unlock the hidden potential of your garden and embark on a journey of balance, prosperity, and well-being. Contact me today for a transformative feng shui garden design experience.