Kanso: The ancient Japanese system, similar to feng shui. What is kanso?

Kanso (簡素) is the ancient Japanese aesthetic system, which has similar aims to feng shui. Kanso means simplicity and minimalism – in every possible way.

The ultimate minimalism
If you’re not into minimalism, kanso is not for you. This Japanese interior design and the aesthetic concept is all about getting rid of all non-essential stuff and has a great appeal to all perfectionists. The less, the better kanso. Rooted in Zen philosophy, kanso suggests choosing minimal furniture and modest artwork to achieve calm and peaceful environments.

Kenso - the art of simplicity

Kanso – the art of simplicity

Minimalist philosophy is also a reminder of the impermanent nature of things. Kanso is about being mindful of what you possess and choosing carefully the most essential items that you need: a table, a chair, a bed – and all simple. It must be every hoarder’s nightmare.

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