What is feng shui for? What is feng shui?

What is feng shui?

Feng shui is a holistic, multidisciplinary domain that works in partnership with the person, their families and makes a holistic, person-centred and systematic assessment of environmental or physical, emotional, mental or psychological, social, cultural and spiritual or virtual needs, which includes risk and together develops a comprehensive plan to optimise and harmonise their workplace and home environments.

As much as people would like to reduce their issues to the ‘one problem = one solution’ equation, the complexity and richness of life negates such a simple quick fix mindset. Our lives are an expression of far deeper, wider and more complex undercurrents that run through it. And feng shui is one of them.

Feng shui definition

There are many defintions of feng shui – see What is feng shui – short answers

Feng shui definition
Feng shui is a complex art based on the Chinese understanding of the dynamic flow of energy throughout the universe. It examines how people are affected by the environment in which they live, and consciously acknowledges the connection between our external surroundings and our inner being. Feng shui is about 4000 years old.

“We shape our buildings, thereafter they shape us.”
Winston Churchill

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