Feng Shui means Wind-Water. Shui is Water Element in Feng Shui. How to Feng Shui Your Bathroom.

Feng shui means ‘wind-water’

Shui = Water

Water = shui in feng shui

Water = shui in feng shui

‘Shui’ in feng shui translates as ‘water’ (feng = wind).  Water is one of the most prevalent elements on this planet Earth. Actually, this planet should be called the planet Water since it’s covered by about 80% of water. Our bodies are mostly made of water (about 80%, some organs are even 85% of water). All cultures and traditions regard water as the key to life. While we can’t survive without air for longer than a few minutes, without water we can’t survive for longer than a few days.

Water and chi/qi

Classical feng shui suggests that energy or chi/qi gathers on the surface of the water and they were right. Charge which is modern physics is chi will be drawn to water. There is a huge emphasis on using water and water remedies in feng shui.

“Information is physical.” Rolf Randaur

Research suggests that water is a carrier of information. Charge is chi / qi. Watch how charge affects water droplets.

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