Feng Shui for Architects, Interior Designers, Developers and Estate Agents

More and more architects, interior designers, developers and estate agents need to understand the basics of feng shui for a simple reason, that their clients request them to be knowledgeable on this subject.

I run short introduction seminars for architects, interior designers, developers and estate agents. I also offer tailor-made feng shui consultancy to work on your specific architectural, interior design project or developments as well as estate projects.

Feng shui seminar for architects, interior designers, developers and estate agents

• Introduction about my feng shui background and environmental psychology
• A general overview of feng shui – it’s origins, different types, with architectural examples, interior design examples (eg ‘good feng shui and bad feng shui’)
• Mindsets of people who are feng shui enthusiasts
• Feng shui focus for architects, interior designers, developers and estate agents
• Key feng shui principles for buildings, development project, interiors eg energy, the relationship of rooms, location of rooms, positioning of furniture, the orientation of furniture, colour, materials (eg no doors opposite beds, stairs not finishing opposite doors etc)
• Review of building layouts, positioning, a typical floor plan and what items to consider (eg living area, dining area, garden, bedroom/ensuite area, etc)
• Q&A session
Duration – 2 hours
Cost: depending on your location and number of people

Jan Cisek, FSSA, MSc Environmental Psychology
I’ve been running feng shui training, presentations, and talks for over 30+ years now in the UK and worldwide. I’m also a scientist, an environmental psychologist and most of the knowledge I provide is evidence-based. Unfortunately, there is a fair amount of confusion, superstition and non-sense in feng shui that you can read online or in books. I’ve studied Asian mindsets and mindsets of people who subscribe to feng shui, so I’ll inform you about their beliefs and perceptions so your design is congruent with their expectations. My background is art, design, interior design and branding so you can be confident that feng shui applications are sound, practical and aesthetically pleasing. I’ve worked with some major architectural and interior design practices as well as developers and estate agents in London and worldwide. More about Jan Cisek

Please contact me to discuss your requirements and fees.