Working and studying from home – for more productivity, control and less stress. Top feng shui tips for home offices.

Working or studying from home can be challenging (but it doesn’t have to). Your home working environments can affect you on many levels and more specifically, how you manage time efficiently and your productivity. Winston Churchill boiled it down to, “We shape our buildings, thereafter they shape us.” If you don’t take conscious control of your home environment, your home office might be working against you. Optimising your home office for a less stressful, more effective, ergonomic, highly functional and more enjoyable way of working and studying is more important than ever since working online is becoming a dominant mode of working.

It looks like working from home (WFH) or home-based work is here to stay. It’s now more possible and desirable in a digitally fluent and flexible office to work from home. Most people like to have the choice of working from home because it gives them more control over their life-work balance and most employees like it too since their employees can be more productive. But can feng shui give any insights or tips on how to optimise your home office?

44% of all work-related ill-health cases in the UK are due to stress, depression or anxiety according to Health and Safty Executive (2019). Another survey of 1015 UK adults in employment suggests that 48% of British workers do little or nothing to relieve work-related stress. On top of that, poor mental health costs employers up to £45 billion a year in the UK with at least 12.5 million working days lost, according to research done by Deloitte with a 16% increase since 2016. Mental health-related absenteeism and staff turnover, as well as ‘presenteeism’ where employers attend work but are unproductive, are the key factors. A study done in Sweden (2011) suggests that people who commute to work for 45 minutes or longer are 40% more likely to divorce.

The upside is that studies show that working from home can increase productivity by13%. With feng shui tips, you can study smart and have extra time for relaxation, etc.

Feng shui tips for home office

Feng shui tips for home office

This blog will demonstrate how to improve the way you work or study from home and how to optimise your home working environment to achieve efficiency and effectiveness. The tips can benefit people who work or study from home and are serious about improving their time management skills as well as productivity and reducing work-related stress.

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Feng shui tip for career prospects: front door

One for the simplest feng shui ways to change the energy in your home to improve your career prospects is to change something around the front door. The front door is the transition area between your private life and public / work life. If you’re working from home it will still work since you’ll be doing it with a specific intention.

Radiant orchid door

Radiant orchid door

1. Change the colour of the front door
There are different ways to decide on the colour for the door.
• You can use the colour for the year (in 2014 it’s radiant orchid)
• You can calculate the energy for the career zone in the bagua for that year or month.
• Or just follow your heart and decide on a colour that will energies you when you go out (and come in). Continue reading