The World’s First Living and Breathing (and Air Purifying) Chandelier

Drawing inspiration from the V&A’s collections, Julian Melchiorri has developed the world’s first living and breathing chandelier utilising novel bionic-leaf technologies. Julian is an innovative design engineer and entrepreneur and CEO of Arborea, a London-based biochemical technology company, which has received international recognition for its products that are both beautiful and ecologically beneficial.

Exhale bionic chandelier by Julian Melchiorri, Arborea

Exhale, Bionic chandelier by Julian Melchiorri, Arborea

It purifies the indoor air through photosynthesis through its bionic leaves where microalgae living organisms absorb carbon dioxide from the air and with the help of light, transform it into breathable air and glucose (read more about air purifying plants). Julian explains: “The structure that you see is connected by the branches that deliver water and nutrients to the micro-organisms. The shape of the bionic leaves is also essential; they contain veins, and it’s not because I wanted to make them look like leaves, but so that they have more surface area and are more efficient for photosynthesis.” Technological biophilia in action – a chandelier that is alive. Genious.

“My biggest inspiration is nature, and my style of design and engineering is always to allow form to follow function. This is what the old Italian Masters caught, but it’s also the way nature does things. Trees, pebbles – they’re all essential beings, and they’re so beautiful because of that.” Julian Melchiorri