Colour of the year 2019 – Feng Shui. Lucky colour of the year 2019. The Pantone Colour of 2019: Living Coral

Colour of the year 2019 – feng shui. Lucky colour of the year 2019

The Pantone Colour of 2019: Living Coral


The Pantone colour of the year 2019: Living Coral

Colour of the year 2019 – feng shui
Vibrant and mellow Pantone Living Coral colour supports us with warmth and nourishment to provide comfort and resilience in 2019 and in our constantly changing environments when this small planet is boiling and when every change is immediate and global. If you want to bring some positive changes to your home or workplace, include this bright and cheerful peach colour.

Lucky colour of the year 2019

Luck is a vibration. Luck is also an attitude and skill. Even if you’re already luck, you can boost your luck even further by changing yourself or your environment. Coral colour has a specific lucky vibration for 2019 which will raise your vibration, whether it is your body and your aura or just your home or workplace. Add this colour to your wardrobe and your home as well as your workplace. Read more how to boost your luck factor in 2019

The vibration of coral – lucky colour of the year 2019 – feng shui

In increasingly fragmented, fragile and daily reshaping virtual and physical realities, people are seeking authentic and immersive experiences as well as empowering choices that enable true connection, intimacy as well as transcendence and seeing life more accurately. Sociable and spirited, the engaging nature of coral also embraces and supports lighthearted and joyful activities when all systems from political to social to financial to healthcare to religious to patriarchal to ecological are crumbling and being dismantled. 

Coral emits the desired familiar and energising aspects of colour found in nature. In more elusive, display beneath the sea, this vivifying and effervescent colour mesmerises the eye and mind to go beyond. Resting in our natural chromatic ecosystem, coral is evocative of how coral reefs afford shelter to a diverse kaleidoscope of colour, not to mention marine life. Disappearing of coral reefs reminds us about the fragility of this small planet and our individual and collective responsibility for caring for it. Coral frequency is also a reminder of stepping fully and consciously into the life we’ve been given.

Coral is comprised of magenta and yellow which suggest acknowledgement and desire for holistic integration of spiritual selves and mental selves. It helps to go beyond heart (magenta) and mind (yellow) limited perspectives and domains into a complete love of wisdom and truth, as opposed to lower levels of intellectual knowledge and individual love.

Metaphoric and spiritual aspects of coral

Coral teaches us to grow and flourish in our ‘oceans and seas’ as parts or pieces of the whole, the community or global/humanitarian consciousness. Coral grows close to the surface of the ocean reaching to the sun and it’s kinetic energy and plasma and the source of light. From coral, we can build our ability to expand our consciousness (without giving up our egos). In different traditions, mystics and holy people have worn coral robes to align themselves with an awakening of their ‘Buddha / Spiritual Self’ to transcend the limited self or personality and unify with the non-dual consciousness. On the other hand, coral symbolises our innate need for optimism and joyful pursuits and embodies our desire for playful expression.

Coral cushion 'fights'

Coral cushions ‘fights’

Emotional and mental aspects of coral colour frequency

When we like something or dislike something, it might suggest potential issues relating to the vibration of that something. The same with colours. We are attracted or repealed to colours for specific emotional, intellectual or spiritual reasons.

Coral relates to self-love and affairs of the heart and it can shed some light on this aspect. Our vulnerabilities and fears can also be brought to light when we dislike coral.

A dislike of coral can suggest a pre-occupation with self-analysis, self-pity, low self-esteem, narcissism and projection of qualities and values onto others and attachment to old ways and extreme competitiveness – both born out of fear of separation, not belonging and survival issues and the fear that there isn’t enough for everyone – even though deep down you know that the force of truth is stronger than the forces of fear (how much truth can you handle?). Co-dependency and dependency problems are other issues as the Brexit made it very clear. Accepting and becoming comfortable with the coral vibe, heals this ‘false problem’ and immature behaviour and leads to a greater sense of community and global, team-oriented cooperation. Coral can help humanity to evolve into a new cosmic or galactic as well as quantum ‘tribe’ as opposed to personal, political, social, religious or national tribes.

Everything we do, think, feel and say has profound consequences. Everything we do is power negotiation and management. Words can empower or disempower us. Coral vibes will alert you to the choices you make, especially when it comes to the words you use. The coral vibe is an antidote for taking yourself so personally and helping you shift to a transpersonal or impersonal mode of being – your spiritual self, which includes and transcends your personality. 

Feng shui recommended use of coral energy

Coral colour in all shades, peach calcite, rose quartz, peach onyx and the actual coral. Coral cushions, coral towels, coral doormats, clothes, coral mobiles/computer screen wallpapers (download here), mugs (see below), etc.

For fashion, home and interiors (cotton) Pantone Living Coral TCX 16-1546

HTML/hax for Pantone 16-1546 TCX: #FF6F61 / C0,M65,Y54,K0  / R255,G111,B97

Plus series (ink/print) Pantone Living Coral 2345 C – recommended 

HTML/hax for Pantone Coral 2345 C: #FF6D70 / C0,M59,Y50,K0 / R255,G109,B112


Living coral mugs

Living coral mugs


Pantone Colours of the year 2010-2018

Pantone Colours of the year 2010-2018


Feng shui colour of 2019: yellow

2019 is the year of earth pig so the feng shui colour of the year is yellow.

Colours for astrological signs in 2019

Aries – red
Use red colour to boost your pure, fire energy that is passionate and fearless so it doesn’t crack under 2019 pressure.

Taurus – green
Utilise the green, natural colour of earth element to balance, harmonise your life and boost your prosperity and growth in 2019.

Gemini – silver
Incorporate silver colour to help your air element be even more compelling in your communications and interactions.

Cancer – white 
Use white colour to support and purify your water element and enhance your openness and emotional strength.

Leo – gold
Strengthen your fire element with the gold colour to stay on top of your game in 2019.

Virgo – yellow
The yellow colour will support your earth element in your 2019 harvest-time of caring and sharing.

Libra – blue
In 2019, blue colour can support your air element in personified harmony and add depth, stability as well as confidence and wisdom.

Scorpio – black
To rise to new challenges in 2019, use black colour to enhance your water element in order to inspire yourself and others and explore the unknown.

Sagittarius – mauve
Mauve colour will help you balance your unstoppable fusion of fire energy and harmony in your 2019 quest for knowledge and timeless wisdom and to restrain your extreme behaviours.

Capricorn – brown
Use brown colour to ground yourself and your earth element and nourish your desire for achieving wisdom that comes from experience.

Aquarius – midnight blue
Your air element can benefit from this ice blue colour in 2019 pursuit of your goals.

Pisces – turquoise 
Use turquoise colour to support your water element for greater creativity and good luck in 2019.

Mercury retrograde for 2019

5 – 28 MARCH 2019 in water-sign Pisces
7 – 31 JULY 2019 starts in fire-sign Leo, ends in water-sign Cancer
31 OCTOBER – 20 November 2019 in water-sign Scorpio

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