Top Feng Shui Tips for Living Rooms. Feng shui living room do’s and don’ts.

Our living spaces can benefit immensely from feng shui, an ancient Chinese practice that harmonizes individuals with their surroundings. Let’s explore how to effectively incorporate feng shui’s principles and five elements – water, wood, fire, earth, and metal – into your living room to foster a more balanced and serene environment.

The orientation of living rooms
The best places compass-wise are south, south-west and west facing. West direction has a relaxing quality of energy.

The layout of your living room will depend on the shape of the room. Work with the function first and see how it looks and how the energy will flow.

Strong focal points
A strong focal point or points are essential for establishing the context and ensuring that you can relax and orient yourself in relation to key features. The focal point can be organised around anything when done well and with thought. The TV set is no longer a focal point in many living rooms.

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