Feng Shui For Homes

Designing feng shui for homes (for living and working) involves more than simply decorating and furnishing. It is widely recognised that light, colours, spaces, symbols and forms in our homes have specific influences which affect us physically and emotionally; they can empower and strengthen us, or contribute to stress and ‘dis-ease’.

At the same time, as individuals, we all have our own unique needs and tastes for our home atmospheres. These, however, change with time as the conditions and circumstances of our lives alter.

Feng shui for homes

Feng shui for homes

Feng shui for homes helps with
• creating a warm, supportive, healthy and interesting homes
• selling your property quickly (see some feng shui tips on selling properties)
• choosing a property to buy
• clearing geopathic stress and managing electro-magnetic pollution
• improving relationships
• finding your ideal partner
• attracting prosperity
• improving your luck

How feng shui for homes works
Feng shui recognises and utilises the points where the smallest adjustments will make the most beneficial difference in your home. For example, it identifies and addresses SBS (sick building syndrome) and GS (geopathic stress). These lower the immune system and can lead to a wide range of health problems including chronic fatigue, headache, sleep problems, poor concentration, learning difficulties, etc.

Just as the blood is circulated through our physical body, vital energy within your home moves in broadly definable ways and patterns. Feng shui uses maps and models to locate and correct imbalances and blockages of vital energy flow. If you are feeling stuck in any area of your life – it might be that the energy of your home is stuck.

It also acknowledges that every aspect of our home environment carries metaphoric meaning. This affects us, whether or not we are consciously aware of the symbolism. In a way, our homes become an extension and expression of ourselves and a reflection of our lives. When we change specific areas of our home e.g. career, relationships, wealth etc – the corresponding parts of our lives will be noticeably improved.

A full feng shui for homes consultation includes
1. An assessment of the client’s needs and issues.
2. A review of the history of the property.
3. Feng shui assessment of the property, all aspects of feng shui (Bagua, placement, colours, layouts, orientations, images, symbols, etc).
4. Checking Sick Building Syndrome (SBS): geopathic stress and solutions, EMF /electromagnetic smog pollution, dirty electricity.
5. Actual consultation – which will last up to 2 hours
6. Discussion of findings, definition of solutions and implementation plan.
7. Making immediate minor feng shui corrections to the property if possible (space clearing and geopathic stress harmonisation).
8. A complete written feng shui report (by email).
9. Full support during the whole process (via email / Skype / telephone).
10. Follow-up fine tuning consultation if necessary once you’ve done most of the improvements (within 3-6 months).
Please note that if feng shui or interior design interventions (i.e. mirrors, images, dirty electricity filters, etc) are suggested by the consultant, these would be at additional charge or you are responsible for purchasing them.

Space clearing
Space clearing is a feng shui related discipline that deals with clearing and revitalizing energies in homes and workplaces.

Space clearing uses
• to enhance and support the feng shui process
• to harmonise working and living spaces
• to clear any ‘stuck’ energies
• to balance space after moving to a new home or workplace
• to assist with the sale of properties
• to change the ‘overall atmosphere’ in homes and workplaces

How I work with space clearing
• my primary tool is a Bach Flower Clearing Essence Mist Spray (by Ainsworths)
• I also suggest de-cluttering the space with a basic spring cleaning and reorganisation of objects.
• use of air-cleasing plants (based on NASA research into air-cleansing plants) such as spider plants, peace lily and ferns is suggested.
• with special space clearing mists – Bach Flower remedies and Australian Bush Flower remedies
• sound – ie bells
• vibrational space clearing CD
• candles
• smudge sticks
• symbols
• intention
Helios3 – geopathic stress harmoniser

Remote feng shui for homes consultations are also available
You’ll need to send me a video or photos and plans of your home or business or we can use Skype or FaceTime and then we can discuss on the phone. Contact me for further info.

Feng Shui For Homes
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