Feng Shui Tips

Feng shui formula and how feng shui works


When you’re centred and in the present moment and fully charged, nothing has power over you (not even the immediate environment ie feng shui), unless you give it your power and how much. Nothing has authority over you unless you give it away.

The order of power distribution is:

  1. you have the most power over yourself and your life
  2. others, people, family, friends can have power over you
  3. feng shui, the external environment can have power over you but still have many options to create a supportive, comfortable and warm home or workplace
  4. external events, world news can have power over you

So feng shui can affect you but it’s not the most important aspect of your life. You with your perceptions, beliefs, resilience have the most power, unless you’ve given it away to others, past events, false beliefs, false problems, etc, etc. Feng shui is about managing the energies of your home and workplace, which can drain you and can stress you out so it is important to look at this domain and sort it out. Feng shui is very easy to fix, once you know which environmental factors affect you. Feng shui can give you a huge boost of energy. The more energy you have in the present moment the quicker and better you can manage your life affairs. When your energy or power is low, you can’t manifest your dreams quickly, you can’t heal quickly, you can’t have synchronistic events in your life, you’re not in the flow when things happen for you naturally and spontaneously – your life is a struggle. When you’re full of energy, full of charge and all your power is in the present moment – you are in charge of your life and you can realise and actualise your dreams and goals. Feng shui of your home or workplace can drain your energy but you have the power to stop it. And by managing your inner power you can overcome any external problems or issues. For example, feng shui of Nelson Mandela’s prison cell didn’t affect him in a big way because he learnt how to manage his power – on the contrary, his predicament made him stronger, more powerful and more focused.

Learn how to control your physiology and psychology (your body and mind) through your environment with feng shui strategies.
Feng shui is about getting results — and taking any goal or dream, no matter how big and making it your reality. If you want to create a breakthrough in any area of your life, feng shui has simple strategies to help you with that. To create a breakthrough in your life is also an opportunity when you make a real-life decision to move to the next level of thinking and feeling. And there’s a proven, three-step process for manifesting what you want. Here’s how feng shui can work for  you:
1. Identify what you want or need. Write it down so you have a record to measure your progress. Date it. In order to make any  real progress, you need to measure it
2. Change your current situation or story at the level of your environment. Your current situation may be true now, but is it empowering? If you are clinging to a disempowering story of your life, letting it go is the first step and environmental interventions will help you to anchor these changes in your home or workplace.
3. Take control of your physical and emotional state through environmental changes. Use feng shui in your home or workplace to channel your energy, strength, clarity and focus toward achieving your goals and dreams.

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Small interior design changes and improvements to make a difference to your feng shui

Sometimes, simple, easy and inexpensive home improvements can make a big difference in how you feel about your home or workplace. There is no need to spend a lot of money to make your home feel like a wonderful home.
1. The concept of an accent wall or adding a splash of colour (even on the dado or skirting boards) works magic. You can draw a large circle behind your bed to create a focal point and add spiritual semiotics.
2. Photographic wallpaper is very inexpensive and easy to do. Almost instantly, you will create a new vista, image or perspective in your home. There is even new peel and stick wallpaper that can be easily removed if you don’t like it. If you have an eye for an expensive wallpaper but can’t afford it – just use wallpaper one wall or space behind shelves or cupboards, etc.
3. Lighting is one of the top feng shui remedies. Experiment with different lamps and shades as well as size, height and scale. Illuminating dark, overlooked corners can transform any room into a more welcoming space. Hanging a pendant light over a space where you want to put a table or an armchair will repurpose and define the room or space.
4. Plants, especially different types in different locations is a super-easy way to boost your feng shui. Hanging plants from the ceiling can make the room look taller. Window boxes are also super-easy and will attract positive chi from the outside.
5. Flooring, rugs and carpets can be easily updated to suit your feng shui needs and to make a huge difference to your home. A cheap tip: you can wallpaper over the unsightly floor and seal it with a good floor sealer. Flooring can come in many types: wood, boards, carpets, ceramic floor tiles (add grounding / earthing effect), vinyl, parquet, etc.
6. Window dressing can also be easy to do, especially with interesting roller blinds. If you want to add some sparkle to your window and room, hang a prismatic crystal.
7. Redoing upholstery can be expensive, but you can bring your tired sofa to life with a few new bright cushions. With the old furniture, a facelift can be achieved with a coat of paint. Cushions are a very easy way to brighten and energise your home.
8. Create a library. According to research, 76% of us report that reading makes us happy and improves our lives. Blend old and new books, paperbacks and hardbacks. Arrange them in different ways so the bookshelves don’t look boring and static. Some people have colour-coded arrangements. Books about your future holiday will not only bring that place alive but also prime you to a wonderful break – have them visible all over the place. Your intelligently selected library or book collection will make you look good and enhance your feng shui. Please note that open bookshelves can be bad for allergies (dust mite allergy) so get glass fronts to reduce the problem.
9. Follow 80/20 rule or Pareto principle which reminds us not to strive for perfection every time. Accept that things will break down and your home may never be perfect or complete. It will always evolve. Remind yourself about what you have and what works. Don’t overthink too much – especially the feng shui aspects. Be half-full glass type of person. Your home doesn’t have to be a reflection of who you are, but if that’s what you want, then do small adjustments so it feels good.

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Jade /money plant/ feng shui plant

Jade /money plant/ feng shui plant

Top feng shui tips for prosperity
Jade or money tree (Crassula ovata) is one of the top feng shui remedies for improving finances. Place it in the wealth corner (top left corner from the door or South-East part of the property or room) or anywhere you want your wealth corner to be. It is also very good for balancing EMF pollution – keep it near your computer.



Virtual feng shui on your mobile phone

Virtual feng shui on your mobile phone

Use mobile phone screen/wallpaper for feng shui rituals
Your mobile is a perfect virtual feng shui environment for uploading specific images to help you to focus on what you want and to manifest what you want. The same applies to your computer screen. For examples, change the background colour for your mobile phone to the colour for that particular year (radiant orchid is the colour for 2014)

Top expert feng shui tips for the credit crunch
1. Stay relaxed and don’t buy into fear. Stresses like fear, worry activate the norepinephrine system, the system of negative emotions. The result is a reduced capacity to notice. Ability to notice is a key survival skill. Learn EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) / tapping to manage your stresses and emotions. EFT is a universal, hands-on tool for neutralizing or erasing any negative feelings and emotions as well as most problems that have an underlying emotional cause. “The cause of all negative emotions and all problems (emotional, physical, mental, spiritual, financial, stress, phobias, etc) is a disruption or imbalance in the body’s energy system.” EFT is to the body and mind what feng shui is to your home and business.
2. Keep your wealth corners well protected. Make sure all your wealth corners are working well for you and not leaking any chi. Contain the energy of the wealth corners.
3. To keep your job secure – keep your career area stable, well grounded and protected.
4. Learn. In this economic downturn if you don’t keep up to date with the shifting skills base you are dead. Learn speed reading and photoreading to be on top of information overload.
5. Invest in a Visualiminal for Prosperity. Cutting edge technology to keep and manage your prosperity mindset. Prosperity affirmations to attract wealth based on the law of attraction (The Secret).

Expert feng shui tips for small businesses
Financial flexibility – don’t keep all your eggs in one basket.
Focus on your USPs – work hard to get lucky.
Plan ahead – failing to plan is planning to fail.
Manage your costs – do something different.
Seek professional advice – don’t be afraid to ask for help.

fengshui-labyrinthMake a labyrinth in your garden/home.
It’s one of the best feng shui remedies to improve the vibes in your home. Labyrinths also rebalance the local energies and eliminate geopathic stress from that area.


Top feng shui sleep tips

Starting the day well is one of these important aspects. We all know when we out of sync with life, for example when we miss our morning train this sometimes spirals into a chain of events such as being late for all appointments, etc. Getting out of literally the wrong side of the bed can make or break one’s day. Feng shui focuses our attention towards small events such as getting out of bed in a balanced and conscious way.

There are a few feng shui principles at work regarding getting out of bed and positioning ourselves in bed in the first place.
1. Protection. For women, it is critical to sleep on the side of the bed that is as far as possible from the door. Statistically, 80% of cohabiting men sleep near the door to protect women so this may be instinctive. The exception is when mothers need to look after babies and practicality win here. Feng shui is rooted in practicality and positioning one’s bed as far as possible from the door is of the most important feng shui rules where one’s has a good view of the door in case there is an intruder (again a habit remnant from our caveman past).
2. Vital elements / astrology. Going deeper into the subject, feng shui is not only about the placement but also about timing and partners compatibility. Feng shui astrology provides a useful guide to ensure that couples enjoy harmony by balancing their own birth elements. Careful examination of their charts can give insight into on which side of the bed they should sleep on.
3. Yin & yang. Yin and yang are one of the guiding feng shui principles for determining which side of the bed is yin and which side is yang. This can help to establish which side of the bed is best for men and which side for women.
4. Chi. Chi or energy is the key feng shui principle that informs us on how to maximise our own moods and energies by optimal placement in regard to sleeping in one’s bed.
5. Compass directions. Depending on the placement of the bed in relation to the compass directions the occupiers of the bed can choose the best placement for maximum rejuvenation during sleep.
6. Geopathic stress and electromagnetic pollution. When sleeping in a hotel on my own I always dowse for the best side of the bed to sleep on. This will ensure that I will get a good night’s sleep and wake up refreshed and in a good mood. Sleeping on geopathic stress (harmful Earth’s vibrations) or with lots of electromagnetic pollution will definitely affect anyone’s sleep detrimentally. The lesson here is to choose the side of the bed to sleep well.
7. Bagua. Bagua is a map of energy movement in space and allows to determine which space is representative of 8 key areas such as career, relationship/marriage, health, wealth, balance, helpful friends, etc. It can be applied to anything be it land, houses, flats, rooms, beds, faces, even business cards. When bagua is laid out on a bed a person will be sleeping in 3 areas – this will influence his or her energy for the day.
8. Invest in PIMAT – Energy Regenerator – Protect and recharger your aura while sleeping

More information on which side of the bed to get out in the morning

Places in London with good feng shui

Feng shui London St Pauls-kopia

Fractal environments = good feng shui

St Paul’s Cathedral is the most fractal building in London. Go and sit under the dome and feel it for yourself (unfortunately you will have to pay to get in now unless you go and sit during the mass).

Your personal energy/chi is more important than feng shui
Change can be initiated on 3 levels: environment (feng shui), appearance (clothes, perfume, hairstyle, signature, etc) and personal (inner mind-body and energy). Feng shui level is the easiest and personal level is most difficult but the personal level is a higher voltage/chi level so your intention is more important than a feng shui ritual (see key feng shui concepts). On the virtual level, feng shui is the function of the personal energy level of the feng shui practitioner.
• To boost your physical energy level include these in your diet: xylitol, hemp, millet, moringa tea/tables, chaga mushrooms and black sesame seeds
• To manage your emotional energy learn tapping (EFT)
• To develop your spirit and consciousness learn lucid dreaming

Selling properties with feng shui

Three aspects make a key difference when selling a property:
1. No geopathic stress – read a blog on geopathic stress (see Helios3 – geopathic stress harmoniser).
2. No negative energies or bad predecessor chi.
3. Complete alignment and commitment to the sale on the part of the owners (and all family members). Place attachment is probably the most common reason why properties don’t sell. Watch a feng shui video and read more about selling properties with feng shui

Invite somebody who practises a different style of feng shui
Don’t go for sameness i.e. something that will make you feel comfortable. Go for the difference that will make the difference in your life. Life is driven by the difference and change.

Feng shui logos
Optimise your logo using feng shui principles such as ying and yang, five elements, bagua, etc to boost your business and align it with feng shui. Read more about feng shui logo design

Keep the toilet lid down
This one is a classic feng shui tip. Keep the toilet lid down to avoid your house chi (and money) being drained. The owners of this cat noticed their water bill was rather high and then they discovered that their cat was flushing the water at night when they were not watching. If only they knew about the #1 feng shui tip to keep the loo lid down! Watch this anti-feng shui cat flush the toilet all night. On a more serious note, obviously keeping the toilet lid down for aesthetic reasons is a good idea but if you think that your toilet is controlling your finances then you might have a problem.

8 pentacles Rider-Waite pack

8 pentacles Rider-Waite pack – place it in your wallet

Use prosperity images and metaphors
The Tarot 8 of Pentacles – download it, print it and place it in your wallet to align yourself with the energies of prosperity. A large image PDF file – download it, print it and place it in the wealth corner of your home/ office/ bedroom/ property. The design is the Rider Tarot pack if you want to buy it. Meaning: Eight of Pentacles
Showing diligence: making an effort, working hard, applying yourself totally, being absorbed in a project, dedicating yourself to a task, producing steady results
Increasing knowledge taking a course learning a new craft or skill receiving training pursuing greater understanding researching finding out the facts increasing expertise paying attention to detail
being painstaking being extra careful approaching a task methodically getting down to the nitty-gritty handling all the loose ends checking and rechecking noticing the fine points