Feng shui for Christmas

12 Feng Shui Tips for Christmas, Feng Shui Christmas Tree

Christmas is a great time to boost the feng shui of your home and office/business or workplace.

Rituals are panculural, and the psychology of ritual has been studied extensively. In short, feng shui = intention + positive energy + ritual. Since light is one of the top feng shui remedies, you can use it strategically to enhance different zones of the feng shui bagua (relationships, career, family, wealth, health, helpful friends/travel, projects/children, wisdom and knowledge, and success/recognition). Or better still, use the Christmas tree to boost specific parts of the bagua.

Styling your home for Christmas and boosting feng shui at the same time
Styling your home for Christmas can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Just focus on the key areas that your guest will see: the entrance, dining room and living room and, of course, the Christmas table. From a feng shui perspective, you can utilise the festive season to boost your feng shui at the same time. Any greenery will decorate your home, and traditionally bringing foliage into your home was intended to ward off any evil spirits – so place it around on mantelpieces, staircase, above frames, ceiling lights, etc.

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Koi Carp Feng Shui Lucky Fish

Koi carps: the feng shui lucky fish

All over the world fish and especially koi carps are regarded as lucky fish that brings prosperity and can boost wealth creation since they relate to the water element (feng shui = wind-water). Koi carps are also famous for their longevity (one famous scarlet koi, named “Hanako,” was reported to be 225 years).

If you have the resources, have a fish pond with koi carps. Or a painting or photo with koi carps is also good for boosting the wealth area of your home or workplace.

Feng shui fish: koi carps 3D photo – for prosperity and luck

Feng shui fish Koi Carps 3D picture – for your wealth corner in your home and workplace – get it in our feng shui shop It’s a limited edition so get it now while the stock last.


Koi carps feng shui lucky fish

Koi carps feng shui lucky fish by Chung Shek

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