Feng shui for cementary and burial places

Originally (about 4000 years ago), feng shui was used in the design of burial places and cemeteries for oriental families. The logic was that if the ancestors were resting happily in a good environment, then everyone will be happy and prosperous. And then people discovered that those places with good feng shui were also good for living and working. So feng shui is a spiritual discipline. But all over the world, people and different cultures had similar beliefs and would choose good places for cemeteries. For example, Glasgow Necropolis is situated high up with amazing views of the city and in close proximity to a cathedral and a hospital.

Listen to the report on this Asian tradition of using feng shui to create peaceful burial sites. Feng shui is an ancient art that strives to balance the energies in any given space. Feng shui has influenced everything from interior design to corporate logos to business and so but initially feng shui was simply used to find auspicious sites for burial places. Read more about spiritual feng shui