Curvilinearity vs angularity. Feng shui curves.

Curvilinearity vs angularity

Curvilinearity vs angularity

Curvilinearity (as opposed to angularity) has been shown to enhance creativity, comfort and relaxation and it’s a human preference for shapes. Nature is not angular. Feng shui strives to adopt to and imitate nature. In feng shui, flowing lines are preferred to straight lines (called cutting chi/energy). Feng shui tip: add more rounded and curved shapes and patterns to your home and workplace.

Curvilinearity versus angularity

Research on curvilinearity suggests that concavity in enclosed spaces provide feelings of safety (Weber, 1995), preference for curved rooms over rectangular rooms (Shepley, 1981), people are attracted to more curved segments (Hopkins, 1976), preference of curved pathways over straight (Hesselgren, 1987), use of natural forms (curves) has positive impact (Ulrich, 2000; Salingaros, 1998) and curvature in pathways evoke feelings of curiosity (Hesselgren, 1987).

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