Feng shui testimonials

Flat sold in 3 hours with a feng shui ritual for selling properties
“Jan, Today, I simply imagined doing the ‘red envelop ritual’ for a house sale, ie wood from near the stove into river etc. Less than 3 hours later, I received an email from a neighbour whom I haven’t even met, saying he’s happy to buy my flat privately!!! I’m over the moon – that’s real magic, Feng Shui at it’s best – it works even if it’s done virtually.” Best regards
Katherine Loynes, Property Finder, Richmond, Surrey, UK

£8000 out of the blue after following feng shui advice
“After he’d been round the house and the home office, Jan suggested three simple things for us to do to improve our feng shui. The next day, Thursday, we did all three – including putting a large money plant in our ‘wealth corner’. On Friday, we were given a load of surplus books which, over the next few weeks, we were able to sell for £8000. Now we make a point of asking him to do a feng shui MOT on our London home and office every year or so.”
Nanette L’Estrange, Saffire Press, London UK

Big client – new project after moving my desk
“The BIG news, I moved my desk around to exactly your feng shui advice on Monday morning – on Monday afternoon we had a call from a big client about a big new project. I am so enthused and energised by what you said and showed me!!. I have recommended you to another company. My most grateful thanks.”
John Graham FCSD, Managing Director, London UK

It all makes sense now
“Jan, the feng shui advice you gave me was excellent. I have already changed the sofas around and my husband is praising the changes. Everything makes sense to me now. This is a very exciting and deep journey for me I only wish I could have done feng shui on my home years ago. Many thanks.”
Susan H, Ealing, London W13, UK

Health improved immediately
“At first sceptical, my wife and I felt a distinct change almost immediately. Our health improved immediately – minor aches and pains melted away. We have Helios3 switched on all the time and I recommend Jan without reservation.”
Dr. William Bloom, the UK’s most experienced teacher, healer and author in the field of holistic development. Glastonbury, UK

“I had a fascinating time with him as he travelled around my ‘stressed out’ environment.”
Princess Diana, in a letter to a friend in June 1994

Major international contract – two weeks after the feng shui consultation
“We made some essential feng shui adjustments in our premises following Jan’s advice and two weeks later were awarded a major international contract for an enormous project. We realise that lighting is one of the key feng shui remedies. It works very well for us and all our clients since spontaneously incorporate these obvious principles in the schemes – to the benefit, health, happiness of tall.. Thank you.”
Peter Burian Lighting Consultants, London UK

“Mr. Jan Cisek held a very successful feng shui seminar on the premises of Ericsson Austria in Vienna in May 1999.
Approximately 50 people attended and were pleased with his highly effective and entertaining teaching methods. Individual consultations followed the seminar and were very much appreciated by the participants. Jan has shown exceptional dedication and a profound understanding of both the subject matter and the needs of the participants . It was a real pleasure to have him as a guest speaker in Vienna.”
Dr. Sepp Leimgruber, Managing Director, Ericsson Austria

Remote feng shui via Skype – very effective and efficient
“I’ve contacted Jan for a remote feng shui of my home and office in the US and I’ve been very pleased with the results. The Skype call worked very well and I was able to show Jan my apartment. As a SIBO expert I work via Skype on regular bases. I can recommend remote feng shui via Skype as an effective and efficient way of delivering feng shui advice. I had to email him the floor plans beforehand for geopathic stress analysis, etc. Jan gave me lots of very positive feedback and useful feng shui advice which I’ve implemented with beneficial results. Thank you Jan.”
Dr Melanie Keller, SIBO Expert, Beverly Hills, CA

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