Top Power Places and Sacred Sites to Visit – for Healing, Clarity and Balance

Top Power Places and Sacred Sites to Visit – for Healing, Clarity and Balance

The following is a list of some of the sacred sites and power place around the world that can be used for healing, gaining clarity and balance.


England: Arbor Low stone circle, Derbys.; Glastonbury Tor, Somerset; Stonehenge, Wilts.; Avebury, Wilts; Worcester Beacon, Malvern Hills, – Worcs.; Canterbury Cathedral, Kent; Castlerigg stone circle, Cumberland; Lindisfarne Monastery, Northumberland; Roughtor, Bodmin ‘ Moor, Cornwall; St Michael’s Mount, Cornwall; St Paul’s Cathedral, London

St Paul's Cathedral London

St Paul’s Cathedral London

Wales: Cader Idris, Gwynedd; St David’s, Pembrokeshire
Scotland: Arthur’s Seat, Edinburgh; Ring of Brodgar stone circle, Orkneys; Callanish, Western Isles; Iona Cathedral, Hebrides, North Uist’s stone circle of Pobull Fhinn, Glasgow Cathedral
Ireland: Rock of Cashel, Tipperary; Glendalough Monastery, Wicklow; Innishfallen Monastery, Kerry; Newgrange burial mound, Meath; Tara, the seat of high kings of Ireland, Meath, burial tombs in Co Clare, megalithic art near Dublin

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Austria: Hallstatt, ancient burial grounds

Bosnia and Herzegovina: Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun, Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids in Visoko

Bosnia and Herzegovina: Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun, Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids in Visoko

Bosnia and Herzegovina: Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun, Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids in Visoko  This is probably one of the best places I’ve been to and I highly recommend it. The healing Ravne tunnels are an amazing place to meditate, relax and rejuvenate.

Bulgaria: Stone Forest, Lake Varna

Prague based on a rose fractal plan

Prague based on a rose fractal plan

Czech Republic: Prague – the birthplace of alchemy and originally planned on the fractal pattern of a rose
Crete: Knossos
Cyprus: Aphrodite’s Rock
Denmark: Trundholm ritual site
Finland: Helsinki Cathedral, Helsinki; Saana Mountain, Lapland
FranceChartres Cathedral, Eure-et-Loir; Cluny Monastery, Burgundy; Le Grand Menhir, Carnac; Le Mont-Saint-Michel, Normandy; Lourdes holy well, Haute Pyrenees, caves in the Dordogne, Menhirs in Brittany
Germany:  Externsteine Rocks, North Germany; Golloring, near Mainz; Manching Celtic site; Stockach burial site, Tubingen
Greece: Mt Athos; Temple of Apollo, Delphi’ Acropolis, Athens; Mycenae, Peloponnese
Italy: Temple of Minerva, Assisi, Umbria; Florence Cathedral; St Peter’s, Rome

Acciaroli 84068 Province of Salerno Italy

Acciaroli 84068 Province of Salerno Italy

Acciaroli – renowned for the longevity of its residents is on the western coast of Southen Italy (Cilento peninsula, south of Naples and the Amalfi Coast) where people live to 100 with very low levels of a hormone called adrenomedullin which is the single most important stress marker

Palmanova – an amazing little town in the east of Italy, based on the hexagon shape

Palmanova, Italy

Palmanova, Italy


Malta: Ggantija, Gozo; Tarxian, Temples in Malta, the Hal Saflieni, Hypogeum
Netherlands:  Papeloze Kerk, Sleen; Utrecht Cathedral
Norway: Nordkapp, Finnmark; Nidaros Cathedral, Trondheim

Cracow Wawel Poland

Cracow Wawel Poland

Poland: Church of Virgin Mary, Wawel, Krakow
Poland: Zamosc – a renaissance town in the south-east part of Poland, designed by Bernardo Morando on the bases of Vesica Pisces and modelled on Renaissance theories of the ‘ideal city’.

Portugal:  Almendras stone circle, Guadalupe
Russia:  Ipatevsky Monastery, Kostroma; Khamar Daban Monastery, Siberia; Kizhi Island, Kareliya; St Sergius Monastery of the Trinity, Zagorsk
Spain:  Altamira, Santander; Los Millares, megalithic site, Santa Fe’ de Mondu‘jar; Santiago de Compostela Cathedral, Dolmens in Andalucia, Palaeolithic art in Cantabria, La Sagrada Familia
Sweden: Gamla burial mound, Uppsala, Gotland, Viking graves
Turkey: Mt Ararat, the sacred mountain, Cara Huyuk, ancient site, southern of Anatolia; Ephesus, temple Site, Santa Sophia, Istanbul


Borneo: Borobudur, the Buddhist temple site
Burma:  Pagan, the temple site
China: Caves of the Thousand Buddhas; Temple of Heaven, Beijing; Shi Huangdi, X’ian; Emeishan
India: Varanasi (Benares); Bodh Gaya; Golden Temple of Amritsar
Israel: Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem
Japan: Mt Fuji; Sumiyoshi, Osaka; The Grand Shrine at Ise; Nara, Horyuji
Saudi Arabia: Mecca, sacred Islamist site; Medina, sacred Islamist site
Thailand: Wat Phra Keo, Temple of the Emerald Buddha, Bangkok
Tibet: Mt Kailas; Jokhang temple, Lhasa
Ukraine: Caves Monastery, Kiev
Uzbekistan: Samarkand

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North America

Alaska: Denali (Mt McKinley)
Arizona: Cathedral Rock, Sedona; Wupatki, Hopi reservation, the San Francisco Peaks, the sacred mountain
California: Mount Shasta, the sacred mountain
Connecticut:  Sleeping Giant Mountain
Georgia: Stone Mountain, Atlanta; Etowah Mounds, burial mounds
Hawaii: Kilauea Volcano
Illinois: Cahokia mounds, burial mounds
Indiana: Great Circle Mound, a ritual site
New Mexico:  Chaco Canyon, ritual site; Mt Taylor, the sacred mountain
New York: Niagara Falls
Ohio: Serpent Mounds, a ritual site
Washington: Tahoma (Mt Ranier)
Wyoming: Big Horn Medicine Wheel
West Virginia: Green Bank – quiet zone – no electrosmog town for electrosensitive (EHS) people

Central America

Costa Rica: double labyrinth, Tamarindo, Guanacaste

Dobule labyrinth Costa Rica

Double labyrinth, Tamarindo, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

: Teotihuacan; Chichen Itza, Yucatan
Guatemala: Tikal

South America

Bolivia: Lake Titicaca, sacred lake; Tiahuanaco, ancient site
Peru: Cuzco, Inca city; Machu Picchu, Inca city


Australia: Uluru or Ayers Rock; The Olgas
New Zealand: Mt Tongariro, the sacred mountain


Egypt: Great Pyramid, Giza; St Catherine’s Mountain, Sinai; Hatshepsut temple, Luxor; Hathor’s temple, Denderah
Gambia: Wassu stone circle
Kenya: Mt Kenya, the sacred mountain
Morocco: Atlas Mountains
South Africa: Table Mountain
Zimbabwe: Great Zimbabwe, ancient site

This list obviously is not complete – please let me know of any other places that you know of that have good feng shui or are power places for healing, clarity and balance.

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