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Feng shui design for casinos

Feng shui has been applied in the design of many well-known casinos such as Hippodrome in London UK, The Lucky Dragon Hotel and Casino and Bellagio Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA as well as the Hotel and Casino Lisboa as well as Wynn Casino in Macao.

Feng shui of London’s Hippodrome casino

Like all good casinos, London Hippodrome casino has used feng shui in its design. The Hippodrome is located very well, right on the corner of Leicester Square and Charing Cross Road. It is open 24 hours a day and there’s no official dress code. Lots of customers come not to actually to gamble but to stay at several bars, the Heliot Steakhouse restaurant and visit a cabaret theatre and use private event spaces. Obviously, the casino gets plenty of guests from the neighbouring Chinatown and that’s why the main entrance has been specially designed according to feng shui principles.

Feng shui casino design in Las Vegas

Feng shui casino design in Las Vegas

Feng shui consultants in Las Vegas

Many casinos in Las Vegas have been feng shui-ed. For example, The Lucky Dragon and Casino in Las Vegas (which has been heavily feng-shui’ed) left off the number four from the room numbers, telephone numbers and even floor numbers (yes, there is no fourth floor between the third and fifth floor!) because the number four is considered unlucky by Oriental people. Many casinos in Las Vegas have annual feng shui celebration and blessings, such as Bellagio Casino.

Feng shui masters in California

Feng shui masters in Los Angeles have used feng shui in designing casinos as well as in other parts of California such as in Graton Casino, San Francisco area.

Feng shui for hotels

Many hotels (which have casinos) use specifically feng shui and advertise as such. Research suggests that using feng shui can boost the success of hotels. Jill Poulston (AUT University, Auckland, New Zealand New Zealand Tourism Research Institute (NZTRI) conducted research study aims to determine whether a relationship is likely to exist between good feng shui and success. The feng shui of eight hotel foyers and entrances were evaluated against 20 criteria, and managers asked to comment on the success of their hotels. Results were examined for possible relationships between feng shui and their descriptions of success. Similarities between the reported success of hotel and feng shui evaluations were found in six out of the eight hotels in the study.  Findings suggest that feng shui offers useful design principles, and hotels with good feng shui are described as being more successful than those with poor feng shui. Good feng shui appears to have a positive effect on feelings of success. This is the first study that attempts to test the relationship between good feng shui and success. Read more about this research: Fact, fiction, and feng shui: an exploratory study by Jill Poulston

Hotels advertised as feng shui hotels
Viana Hotel and Spa, Westbury, New York, USA
Metropolitan Hotel, Vancouver Waterfront, Canada
Melarose Feng Shui Hotel, Brandenburg Gate, Berlin
De La Mer Feng Shui Hotel, Tel Aviv, Israel
414 Hotel, New York, New York, USA
The Lucky Dragon Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Myhotel, Brighton, UK
Hotel and Casino Lisboa, Macao
Wynn Las Vegas and Wynn Encore, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Hotels that incorporate feng shui design
The Peninsula Hotel, Hong Kong, China
Hong Kong Shangri-La Hotel, Hong Kong, China
Sheraton Hotel, Tianjin, China
Gold Coast Hotel, Hainan, China
Wangfu Hotel, Beijing, China
Genting Hotel, Malaysia,
Trump International Hotel, New York, New York, USA
Baccarat Hotel & Residences, New York, New York, USA

Casino feng shui design

Every aspect of exterior and interior design is considered very carefully as every element is important. From colours to finishes to elements to shapes to layouts to furniture to lighting – nothing is left to chance (pun not intended). Key feng shui principles are used in feng shui design for casinos such as chi/qi flow, yin and yang, five elements, bagua model, classical feng shui form school and feng shui compass school as well as modern feng shui aspects such as electromagnetic radiation, symbolic and semiotic representations, ergonomics and environmental psychology.

How to feng shui a casino?

The main entrance has the greatest significance. The entrance must be welcoming, reassuring and tempting – offering the promise of luck and winnings. The flow of energy (chi/qi) is important so people stay as long as possible. Round, flowing and oval shapes are prefered because they represent the element metal which signifies money and wealth. Warm colours such as reds, maroons, orange and yellows as well as gold and silver are considered auspicious and denote luck and prosperity. Many other business feng shui aspects are considered.

Environmental psychology employed in the design of casinos

From the environmental psychology perspective, good casinos follow the Kaplan and Kaplan preference model where coherence, legibility, complexity, and mystery are used to design engaging, stimulating and fun environments such as casinos.

Feng shui – the earth luck

Feng shui studies three types of luck: heaven luck (astrology, destiny), human luck (values, beliefs, intentions, behaviours and actions) and earth luck (feng shui). Feng shui strives to bring more luck and good fortune by optimising one’s workplaces and homes. Luck and good fortune are the most popular feng shui terms. People visiting casinos want to feel lucky and feng shui can provide that extra ambience to foster their sense of luck and good fortune.

Items for good luck for casinos

When luck in gambling is concerned, casinos owners and casino punters are both quite superstitions about what can bring them luck. Interesting enough there is research on the luck factor that suggests that luck is a skill and can be learnt. There are numerous feng shui remedies for attracting good fortune and luck such as lucky bamboos, lucky cats, lucky charms, lucky colours and lucky directions. Read more about how to maximise and boost your luck in games, lotteries and gambling (by the way, gambling is not recommended or endorsed by me in any way)

Your business feng shui consultant for hotels and casinos 

Jan Cisek (MSc, FSSA) has over 30 years experience in business feng shui as well as branding and design and advised hotels and casinos. He is also an environmental psychologist who will ensure that the feng shui expertise is sound and evidence-based. Jan has  More info about Jan and his corporate clients

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