Feng Shui Tips for The New Year 2013 / Emerald green is the colour for 2013

Emerald green pantone colour of 2013

Emerald green pantone colour of 2013

Feng shui tips for 2013

1. Emerald green is the colour of 2013 – use this colour for any feng shui rituals. Design code for emerald green: C86 M8 Y57 K0; R0 G157 B134; Hex: #28AE7B or #009D86 (according to hex code generator).

2. Wear something brand new (scarf, socks, underwear, etc) in emerald green colour. OR just set your smart phone screen with this colour – just download this file to your smartphone Emerald Green Colour of 2013 If you have an iPhone: 1. access this page on your iPhone 2. click the link – it will open a new window with the full image 3. touch and hold the image and from options choose Save Image 4. go to your Photos and touch it and choose Use as Wallpaper option
3. Get a new wallet for 2013 to boost your wealth and prosperity. Again you could try to find one that is emerald green. If you’re happy with the existing wallet then just put a photo of emeralds inside or the actual emerald stone itself.
4. Get a new door mat for 2013. If it’s appropriate for the design of your home or office you could get one that is emerald green or just green.
5. To space clear your home or office: clean all door knobs. Another way to space clear your home/office/room/area is to get this space clearing and protection mist and spray it in all corners of every room.
6. Spend some time and dream about what you want to manifest in 2013. One idea is to write your dream list in a form of a bagua i.e. nine squares (magic square) with all the key aspects of life which are: 1. career 2. relationships / marriage 3. family 4. wealth 5. health 6. helpful friends / travel / clients 7. projects / children / creativity 8. knowledge and wisdom / education 9. success / reputation / spiritual / peace of mind. Manifestation in the past years was governed by force as a creative power. The future manifestations will be guided by ‘allowance’. As Lao Tzu pointed out: “The Master allows things to happen.” Start by allowing yourself and others to be and to become what and who we’re supposed to become.

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