Feng shui wealth corners in homes, workplaces according to bagua matrix to boost prosperity and wealth creation

Feng shui wealth corners in homes, workplaces according to bagua matrix to boost prosperity and wealth creation

What is a wealth corner? Where is your wealth area in you home or workplace?

According to the bagua model, a space in your home and workplace can signify your wealth domain, and sometimes called a wealth corner or wealth area or fortunate blessings. A wealth corner is a semiotic space where you anchor your intentions for wealth creation, luck and prosperity with feng shui rituals.

Feng shui money plant

Feng shui classic money plant (Crassula ovata)

How to locate your wealth area in your home or workplace?

There are three ways to signify wealth in your home and workplace:
1) According to classical, compass feng shui school, it is the south-east part of your property or room or plot of land.
2) According to three gate bagua matrix (see below), it is the top left furthermost corner from a door to your home or room or office or land.
3) According to virtual, archetypical feng shui, your wealth corner is – where you decide it is and where it is most convenient or appropriate. Your wealth creation intentions will space condition your home or workplace. Dr William A. Tiller’s studies and experiments have proven that human consciousness ‘changes space’ and ‘conditions space’ so feng shui, space clearing is space conditioning. In short, feng shui is space conditioning (there are many definitions of feng shui). The essence of feng shui is intention + energy + ritual. If you’re not sure which perspective to use, read about the difference between the compass bagua, three gate bagua and virtual bagua.

Wealth is an archetypical and morphic resonance field that is not dependent on a corner or direction (because archetypes are impersonal) so – it’s where you want it to be (ideally everywhere in your home and workplace, not just in your wealth corner or south-east).

A quick question: do you want to have wealth vibe everywhere or just in one corner of your home? If you want the wealth, luck and prosperity vibe embedding your whole home and workplace – then choose the virtual, archetypical bagua. Of course, you can use all three at the same time, if that’s appropriate.

“The power of intention alters matter – scientific proof that human intention raises local symmetry in the substratum of space.” William A. Tiller, PhD (Physicist, Stanford University)

What is bagua model?
Bagua model is a way of reading your life through a lens of nine basic domains of life (such as career, relationships, family, wealth, luck, and so on) and the projecting physical representations of these domains or values into the immediate environment. Wealth is one such domain and in physical space it can be assigned to either/and: south-east of the space, the top left space from any entrance and any space you assign to be the wealth domain.  Read more about the difference between the compass bagua, three gate bagua and virtual bagua.

Feng Shui Bagua – Door Compass Orientation

Feng shui bagua model – according to door and compass orientations

How to activate your wealth domain?

There are many ways to activate and boost your wealth domain. Some simple and universal feng shui remedies to boost your wealth creation are:
1) Money plants (there are two types: classic and Indian)
2) Light and mirrors
3) Aquariums and fish ie koi carp
4) Images and symbols of prosperity ie fish (koi carp
5) Water features
6) Crystals
7) Bird baths or bird feeders for outside
8) Anything that signifies wealth and prosperity to you

There are many other feng shui boosting rituals and remember feng shui works best when is person-centred where you customise the feng shui solutions to your needs and preferences. Follow your aesthetic and cultural preferences where you will feel comfortable with your chosen feng shui remedy. If your finances feel stuck, it’s recommended to do some space clearing and get rid of any clutter that might be blocking the energy flow. If you’re not sure, don’t do it or better still call your feng shui consultant. Read about the difference between the compass bagua and three gate bagua

Missing the wealth corner?
In some feng shui school of thought which I DO NOT subscribe to, because they’re disempowering – it’s suggested that if the shape of the property is like a reverse ‘L’ then the wealth corner might be missing (ie the south-east part of the property or the top left side, from the front door). In psychology, it is called a false problem. Unfortunately, once you’re exposed to a false problem, a nocebo effect kicks in and you’re primed negatively and you feel like you need to do something about it and counter it by a positive action ie the placebo effect. Firstly, your wealth doesn’t depend on the so called wealth corner. Secondly, who’s in charge of your wealth? You or some imaginary space? So, don’t give away your power to external factors.

But if you want a few quick ‘fixes’ then, energiese the wealth corner with lights, mirrors, crystals, money plants, symbols of koi carps, etc. Or call me for a feng shui consultation.

Rituals for prosperity and wealth creation

All cultures have developed all kinds of rituals for wealth creation and prosperity. See which prosperity rituals resonate with your values and beliefs and see how they work for you. In essence, any ritual or activity that is performed with intention of improving your finances will work. But remember that rituals are servants of your intentions and values. Rituals as such have no intrinsic power so you can edit and adjust them to your needs and situation. Do something now. Read more about why people believe in rituals

Space clearing
It is worthwhile to space clear your home and especially the wealth corner. Get rid of any clutter. Add something fresh and new.

If in the past, finances have been bad or you can’t let go of something that’s already passed, it’s also worth performing a ritual of purification. Research shows that journaling is a great way of downloading any negative thoughts and worries or concerns and letting them go, so they don’t pop up unnecessarily in our minds and affect our performance. Write down all your concerns and worries and you can either burn it, bury it, shred it or flash it down the loo. After the ritual, it is good to wash your hands with water. Having a shower can symbolically and physically clean your aura.

If you’re still using a wallet, it’s worthwhile using it as a ritual. Wallets are symbolic of money and it’s good to review the contents of your wallet. Throw out of it all that is not needed. Arrange the cards and banknotes. You could refrain from spending money for the rest of the day. This will ensure that they do not leak through your fingers and that you can control your spending. Good time to perform this simple ritual is any time you need a change and shift or the New Year Day or the Autumn equinox or any other equinox when the seasons change. Getting a new wallet at the beginning of the year is also a great ritual to start the year with the prosperity intentions.

Adding symbols of prosperity and wealth (words or images) in your wallet is another great way of reminding yourself that life is abundant and prosperous. For example, you can add a Tarot card with the suit of pentacles which cover material aspects of life including abundance, prosperity, work, business, trade, property, money and other material possessions. You can just write a word/s related to your financial values such as WEALTH, MONEY, PROSPERITY, etc and put it in your wallet. Another very simple way to boost your trust and confidence in your ability to manifest prosperity is to fold four times £50 banknote (or the largest domination in your local currency) so it has eight section which symbolically relates to number 8 or infinity sign which means multiplying your money.

Koi carps – prosperity and good luck symbol
Fish, and specifically koi carps are representative of wealth and wealth creation. In most cultures, fish is symbolic of wealth and embody the life force or chi which is the key concept in feng shui. For example, in Polish and other cultures, it’s customary to put a scale of carp fish in the wallet (usually from the Christmas carp) for prosperity for the next year. Koi carps are prosperity fish in feng shui so you can just put a photo of koi carps in your wallet.

8 koi carps +1 black by Lea Minshull

8 koi carps +1 black by Lea Minshull & Feng Shui Images

Fish aquarium, fish ponds and water features in general are ways to attract positive energy which can help you with wealth creation. If that’s not possible, a valid way is to have images, photos and pictures of fish or water features. Find a nice, vibrant photo of koi carps and place it accordingly. Examples of good koi carp photos are below. I also sell, a 3D photo of koi carps (see below) in our feng shui shop.

Koi has an archetypical (morphic resonance field) of energy of prosperity, wealth, money so, ultimately, it doesn’t matter much where you hang it – because it will imbued your whole home and workplace with prosperity (not just the wealth corner or one direction).

Feng shui fish: koi carps 3D photo – for prosperity and luck

Feng shui fish: koi carps 3D photo – for prosperity and luck

Other prosperity, wealth and luck symbols or perceptions 
There are many symbols for prosperity and wealth. Pick the ones that resonate with you, your life style and your interior design preferences. All cultures have developed ways of priming for growth, prosperity, success and luck. There are many examples, such as fish or koi, money plants, water features, gods and deities (Ganesh and Lakshmi in Hinduism), animals (lucky cat), precious metal such as gold or silver, precious stones, diamonds, art and so on. The point is that there are many ways, lifestyles and forms of living that are worth living that have wealth as an intrinsic value.

For example, for some people, wealth is their children as it can be seen in many cultures where children have been a kind of retirement fund or life insurance. For others, health is wealth (interestingly enough it’s only one letter difference between them) and any physical things they own that relate to health is also wealth – for example, a juice, an organic foam mattress, a water filter, an air purifier, etc. For me, books are wealth (and I’ve spend a small fortune building a library of over 20+ thousand books – most digitised now). Art is wealth for me and I have art pieces everywhere. Time, creativity and freedom to do what I want to do is wealth for me. And for some, wealth is just currency ie the number of pounds or dollars in their bank account.

“I understand that it (feng shui) works whether you believe in it or not.”
Niels Bohr, Danish Nobel Prize winner in Physics

In short, wealth is many things for many different people. Embody your wealth with different things you own and different things you do (for example, doing charity work is wealth and can boost your wealth). Ultimately, going beyond traditional or cultural definitions or perceptions of wealth will make you the wealthiest person and help you understand what really wealth is. (If there is one best place to start wealth creation is to boost your luck with the best, scientific book on it ie The Luck Factor  – get it now.)

Candles and fire rituals
If we need more radical measures, it is good to light a green candle, then take the banknote, roll it up and tie it with a red ribbon – pronouncing words: “Throughout spring/summer/autumn/winter and the rest of the year I have abundance” you should wrap the money in gold foil, put it in a tight container and store it in the freezer. Such frozen cash will make our wallet and account always have funds for the things we need.

Plants symbolise growth and the wealth area (according to the bagua model) is governed by the element tree/wood (according to the five element theory). There are two money plants: classic money plant (Crassula ovata) which you can see at the top of this blog or an Indian money plant (Epipremnum aureum) which is also an air cleansing plant. I recommend to have both.

Indian money plant

Indian money plant (Epipremnum aureum)

Equinox – the time of change and renewals
Most cultures have rituals to celebrate the change of seasons during equinoxes. Whether you believe in rituals or not, the equinoxes should be spent in nature.  Go to the forest, park or green space – take a look at nature and remind yourself about constant change. Charge your batteries for the next season.

Other factors affecting your wealth
I work in a holistic way and if it is the wealth that you want to improve, there are literally hundred of environmental aspects that can impact your wealth creation in a more significant way – than just one bit of your home ie the so called wealth corner/fortunate blessing area. In short, your wealth doesn’t depend on your wealth corner. It helps to have the wealth vibe working for your to maximise your luck and prosperity and you also need to minimise the environmental factors that drain your energy and affect your prosperity in different ways.

Some key environmental factors that can affect your wealth are:

  • Geopathic stress
  • Electro-smog, wifi and dirty electricity
  • Lack of deep sleep because your bedroom is not optimised
  • Low energy of your home or workplace
  • Clutter
  • Lack of prosperity anchors, symbols and primers

Invest in a feng shui consultation for your home and workplace
If you’re serious about improving your wealth and are still unsure how to boost prosperity vibe in your home or workplace – call me for a virtual or onsite feng shui consultation.

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