Space Clearing and Feng Shui

Space Clearing and Feng Shui

Feng shui as energetic management

The key concept in feng shui is energy (chi/qi/charge) management. Space clearing as a stand-alone discipline has the same goal and function. Modern feng shui recognises space clearing and incorporates it as an integral part of holistic approach to managing, enhancing and balancing living or workplace spaces. People all over the world have an instinctive understanding of space clearing and many interventions and rituals to do so. But the science is catching up, with research about the concept called ‘space conditioning’ which basically covers space clearing. Researchers such as William A. Tiller, PhD; Walter E Dibble, Jr PhD; Michael J. Kohane, PhD looked into how space can hold memories. Celebrities, such as Robbie Williams and his wife employed a space clearing expert when they moved into their £17.5 million mansion in West London (a property previously owned by Michael Winner). Simon Cowell also used space clearing in his home in Los Angeles.

Space clearing and feng shui

Space clearing and feng shui

What is space clearing used for?

• selling properties
• buying properties
• moving to new properties
• shifting stuck energies or situations (looking for a relationship, divorce, etc)
• refreshing and boosting personal and business lives
boosting your prosperity and wealth creation
• attracting a new partner or new employees
• completing projects
• events and celebrations such as weddings
• health matters such as better sleep or sleep problems

What is the difference between space clearing and feng shui?

Not all energies we encounter and interact with are positive and conducive to your wellness. Negative environmental influences can disrupt and interfere with our work and personal life through our own energy fields. Feng shui specialises in recognising and clearing negative energetic influences.
Space clearing is an integral part of feng shui and ideally needs to be done in conjunction with feng shui. Feng shui = intention (40%) + energy (space clearing, 40%) + ritual (interventions 20%). The intention is a very important part of the feng shui process. It’s just like sorting out your car, doing MOT and leaving it to stand still – ready for later, when you know what to do with it. Feng shui is space conditioning. Space clearing on its own, without feng shui, is just space de-conditioning. Obviously, most people have an intention, conscious or unconscious for doing something. So it’s better to do something than nothing and if you have a clear sense what needs to happen it can work too. Having said that, with a clear conscious intention and feng shui principles in mind, you can expect better results and quicker.

Space clearing interventions, practices and rituals

• decluttering
• cleaning and tidying up
• clearing geopathic stress (GS)
• removing dirty electricity (DE)
• candles and fire (plasma has some interesting cleansing properties and cold plasma is now used in the experimental treatment of cancer)
• good lighting (be careful with the LED lights – research suggests that it’s not so good for our health)
• plants, especially air cleansing plants and ironising plants as well as cut flowers (biophila effect)
• air filters and ionisers (research suggests that negative ions boost health)
• water features
• water filters, ideally you should have a whole house water filter because you absorb more chlorine from showering than from drinking water because of water droplets. Mention my name (Jan Cisek) and you’ll get 15% off the price.
• wind-chimes, bells, sounds and music which includes singing and chanting
• house-warming parties or just parties (yes, this is one of the best and fun ways to shift energies in your home or workplace because it includes several key space clearing practices such as music, singing, candles, gratitude and joy, connection, fun, etc)
• space clearing mists and aromatherapy
meditation where one connects to space in order to evaluate it
• gratitude and blessing are part of connecting with the spirit of the place
• spiritual artefacts (such as Buddhas, saints, deities, protection amulets, etc) and spiritual practices

Epipremnum aureus / Indian money plant and air cleansing plant

Epipremnum aureus / Indian money plant and air cleansing plant

How does space clearing work?

Quantum physics informs us that people as observers can affect their environments and vice versa. Space conditioning as a scientific concept suggests the same. From the environmental psychology perspective, when we take control or charge over our immediate environments, in whatever ways, we feel better because we take physical steps to resolve problems. “Bringing in an expert and taking physical steps such as removing clutter, clearing spaces or doing rituals also creates a greater sense of control over what happens to us and that’s an innate need we all have as human beings, so it can feel really good. Some people might call this the placebo effect but neuroscience has proved positive thinking is significant because it means your brain works better when you feel calmer, making it easier for you to know what steps need to be taken to resolve the situation.” says psychotherapist Sarah Wall.

Feng shui = intention (40%) + energy (space clearing, 40%) + ritual (interventions 20%)

The science behind space clearing

Rupert Sheldrake in his Science and Spiritual Practices: Transformative experiences and their effects on our bodies, brains and health, summaries how science helps validate some of the space clearing practices such as meditation, gratitude, connecting to nature (biophila effect), relating to plants, rituals and sacred places. There is plenty of research on the benefits of air cleansing plants, cut flowers, plasma (fire), good lighting, biophilia, aromatherapy, rituals and placebo, etc.

Why call a feng shui and space clearing expert?

Most people have an attachment to things, especially in their own homes so it’s easier and practical to hire somebody else to help with decluttering and space clearing. Also, feng shui and space clearing consultant will check for electromagnetic pollution, dirty electricity, geopathic stress with specialist equipment which most people don’t have.
• I’ve got almost 30 years of expertise in feng shui and space clearing, with over 10 000 consultations
• I’m also an environmental psychologist so my suggestions are in line with evidence-based feng shui practice
• I will make extensive checks for geopathic stress, electromagnetic pollution, dirty electricity, sick building syndrome, etc and offer solutions – which some (classical) feng shui consultants don’t include (read about the difference between classical feng shui and modern feng shui). These are now recognised as 80% of environmental stressors.
• I’m also a sleep expert and your bedroom is the most important room in the house
• My feng shui suggestions are always tailor-made to your needs and I follow person-centred feng shui practice

Any questions please feel free to call/text/email me.

Space Clearing and Feng Shui
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