Feng shui wealth corners in homes, workplaces according to bagua matrix to boost prosperity and wealth creation

Feng shui wealth corners in homes, workplaces according to bagua matrix to boost prosperity and wealth creation

What is a wealth corner? Where is your wealth area in you home or workplace?

According to the bagua model, a space in your home and workplace can signify your wealth domain, and sometimes called a wealth corner or wealth area or fortunate blessings. A wealth corner is a semiotic space where you anchor your intentions for wealth creation, luck and prosperity with feng shui rituals.

Feng shui money plant

Feng shui classic money plant (Crassula ovata)

How to locate your wealth area in your home or workplace?

There are three ways to signify wealth in your home and workplace:
1) According to classical, compass feng shui school, it is the south-east part of your property or room or plot of land.
2) According to three gate bagua matrix (see below), it is the top left furthermost corner from a door to your home or room or office or land.
3) According to virtual, archetypical feng shui, your wealth corner is – where you decide it is and where it is most convenient or appropriate. Your wealth creation intentions will space condition your home or workplace. Dr William A. Tiller’s studies and experiments have proven that human consciousness ‘changes space’ and ‘conditions space’ so feng shui, space clearing is space conditioning. In short, feng shui is space conditioning (there are many definitions of feng shui). The essence of feng shui is intention + energy + ritual. If you’re not sure which perspective to use, read about the difference between the compass bagua, three gate bagua and virtual bagua.

Wealth is an archetypical and morphic resonance field that is not dependent on a corner or direction (because archetypes are impersonal) so – it’s where you want it to be (ideally everywhere in your home and workplace, not just in your wealth corner or south-east).

A quick question: do you want to have wealth vibe everywhere or just in one corner of your home? If you want the wealth, luck and prosperity vibe embedding your whole home and workplace – then choose the virtual, archetypical bagua. Of course, you can use all three at the same time, if that’s appropriate.

“The power of intention alters matter – scientific proof that human intention raises local symmetry in the substratum of space.” William A. Tiller, PhD (Physicist, Stanford University)

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