Feng shui for Christmas

12 Feng Shui Tips for Christmas, Feng Shui Christmas Tree

Christmas is a great time to boost the feng shui of your home and office/business or workplace.

Rituals are panculural, and the psychology of ritual has been studied extensively. In short, feng shui = intention + positive energy + ritual. Since light is one of the top feng shui remedies, you can use it strategically to enhance different zones of the feng shui bagua (relationships, career, family, wealth, health, helpful friends/travel, projects/children, wisdom and knowledge, and success/recognition). Or better still, use the Christmas tree to boost specific parts of the bagua.

Introduction to festive feng shui
Christmas, a time for gathering loved ones and reveling in festivities, transforms into a season of joy and brightness, with homes and shops adorned in twinkling lights and vibrant hues.

Styling your home for Christmas and boosting feng shui at the same time
Styling your home for Christmas can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Just focus on the key areas that your guest will see: the entrance, dining room and living room and, of course, the Christmas table. From a feng shui perspective, you can utilise the festive season to boost your feng shui at the same time. Any greenery will decorate your home, and traditionally bringing foliage into your home was intended to ward off any evil spirits – so place it around on mantelpieces, staircase, above frames, ceiling lights, etc.

Preparing your home for Christmas
Embrace this opportunity to infuse your home with purposeful intent. Undertake a pre-Christmas decluttering to pave the way for incoming gifts and treasures. Effective feng shui hinges on allowing chi to flow unimpeded, so a thorough clear-out is essential.

1. Energise the bagua of your home or workplace with your Christmas tree. Where do you place your Xmas tree on the feng shui bagua?

Selecting and positioning your Christmas tree
Whether opting for a real or synthetic tree, adhere to feng shui guidelines in its placement. Choose the part of the bagua that you want to energise and place the Christmas tree there. If you want to energise different parts of the bagua, place other Christmas decorations, such as poinsettia plants. You can use the door bagua or compass bagua, depending on what works best for your home and workplace. Obviously, natural Christmas trees are better since they’re alive as opposed to plastic ones (which can create an environmental problem and are difficult to recycle). Trees belong to the wood/tree element in the theory of five elements. Decorating Christmas trees tradition can be traced back to 16th century Germany. Decorating Christmas trees with candy canes, was originally intended for kids – to keep them quiet during the Living Creche performance and was shaped to represent a shepherd’s staff. If you’re not into Xmas trees, there are many other plant options e.g. all feng shui money plants would bring positive energy into your home/workplace

How to feng shui Christmas tree

How to feng shui Christmas tree

To use the bagua, place it over a plan of your home/room/workplace or even your desk, if it’s a small Xmas tree, in such a way that the door to your flat/home/room is at the bottom of the page in the areas of knowledge, career and helpful friends. This energetic pattern can be used on other things, such as your business card, your desk, your website, your car, etc.

Feng Shui Bagua and position of different life aspects

Feng Shui Bagua and position of different life aspects

The relevance of colours and shapes in feng shui
The advent of Christmas ushers in new colours, shapes, and scents into our homes. These elements resonate with the Five Elements – Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, Wood. Christmas trees, as emblems of the natural world, predominantly symbolise the Wood element. Their triangular form, especially when illuminated, aligns with the Fire element, rendering the Christmas tree a potent symbol of both Wood and Fire.

Ideal spots for your Christmas tree
Prime spots for your tree include the Wealth (South East), Recognition (South), or Family (East) zones of your abode. Adorn with green and blue, and incorporate natural and water-themed decorations. If the ideal location is impractical, balance the energies with appropriate adjustments.

Adjustments for alternate locations
In the North (Career) zone, blue decorations and lights, supplemented with gold and silver, harmonise the elements, with a blue or black tree skirt bolstering the area’s water element energy.

Enhancing love and knowledge bagua zones
If the tree is in the South West (Love & Relationships) or North East (Quiet Contemplation/Knowledge) zones, use ceramic ornaments, yellow and red lights, and a red skirt.

Decorating for children and creativity
In the West (Children/Creativity) or North West (Helpful People/Travel) zones, favour metallic ornaments, tinsel, white lighting, and tree skirts accented in silver and gold.

2. Use feng shui fish for prosperity

In many parts of the world, traditionally, carp is eaten on Christmas eve (in Japan, koi carp is also eaten). Get some scales of the Christmas carp and place them in your wallet for greater prosperity in the coming year.
Short of that, you can place a small photo of the koi carp in your wallet or/and just use the image as wallpaper for your mobile or computer screen. Your mobile phone provides a perfect virtual environment for your feng shui remedies and adjustments. Read more about some fundamental feng shui tips for life and business.

Alternative Celebrations with nature
Even without a tree or traditional decorations, you can still bring the essence of nature indoors. Evergreen boughs or poinsettias elevate the energy, while mistletoe, especially in the dining area, can attract prosperity and luck in the New Year. Its traditional role in Christmas romance is an added charm.

Feng Shui Fish Koi Carp

Feng Shui Fish Koi Carp

3. Family photos as a way of creating more harmony and boosting self-esteem

Christmas is a very family-oriented event. Print some photos of the whole family and place them all over your home. Research suggests that having pictures of the family around us boosts our resilience and self-esteem (because family members can be a resource). This is especially important for children and teenagers, they need to see themselves as a part of a family – it will boost their self-esteem and confidence. Research suggests that having photos of friends and family boost the vagus nerve and is good for your social and emotional intelligence.

Share stories, traditions and values that define your family – look at some old photos or just the photos from the past year.

Photos of family members around the house will boost the feng shui of your home

Photos of family members around the house will boost the feng shui of your home

4. Space clearing to clarify the energy of your home

Space clearing, which is always recommended in feng shui, is also found in many cultures all over the world as a way of changing the energies of environments as well as improving the overall vibration of the place. The end of the year is coming near, so you can let go of some things, to create new room for new beginnings, new opportunities and new energies. Letting go of mental and emotional stuff is the most difficult, though – watch this video clip on the power of letting go. Naturally, the whole Christmas event will have a clearing effect on your home. If you have a natural Xmas tree, that will change the energy of your home. If you prefer the artificial Christmas tree, then use some candles or a feng shui space-clearing mist.

Do space clearing with Christmas music
Since Christmas is a celebration of new beginnings and hope for better times, space clearing the old stuff before embarking on a new year is a good idea. Sound is one of the best ways to space clear space. If you’re not into Christmas carols or any Christmas holiday hits, use any other music that you like or the best albums of the year. Over the holiday season, watch some of the best Christmas films of all time, such as It’s a Wonderful Life, Miracle on 34th Street, Holiday Inn, A Christmas Carole, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and Frosty the Snowman.

Make sure your house smells like Christmas – like oranges with cloves.

Welcoming positive energy into your home
Illuminate your home’s entrance to invite positive energy and warmly greet all visitors. Gift your home this Christmas, be it a stunning artwork, fresh flowers, or a family-oriented game. Anything that fosters family unity aligns beautifully with feng shui principles.

5. Fasting to boost your energy (chi)

Traditionally, people would fast before Christmas, which has many benefits (apart from the health benefits, fasting is good for prosperity because it sharpens your mind for resources). Read more about the benefits of fasting.

6. Remember your ancestors

Feng shui was originally invented for the design of an auspicious location for burial places to ensure the happiness of the ancestors. Later, oriental people discovered that feng shui could be used for homes, workplaces and businesses. A few moments spent remembering and honouring your parents, grandparents, and all your ancestors will create positive energy around your past. After all, they gave us our life. Light some candles on their graves or just by their photos (see the feng shui tip number 3 about the family photos). If possible, you can energise the family aspect on the bagua of your home or living room (see the feng shui tip number 1). It’s no surprise that the family area of your home is also representative of your health (genetically, environmentally, emotionally, spiritually, etc).

Poinsettia plants can enhance feng shui of your home and office

Poinsettia plants can enhance the feng shui of your home and office. Flores de Noche Buena (Spanish for ‘flowers of the holy night’).

7. Boost the feng shui of your business (office, shop, clinic, etc)

All the above feng shui tips for Christmas can be adopted and modified to boost your business. Just having a few poinsettia plants will enhance the feel of your office. Any little Xmas accents or symbols can be used on your desk where you work or the front door to attract positive energies. Wood/tree element is associated with wealth creation and prosperity.

8. Decorate your front door with Christmas decoration

To attract positive energy to your home, decorate your front door. The door is the first thing, your guests will see, so make it look special, unique and inviting. In classical feng shui, doors are symbolic of the ‘mouth of the property’. The tradition of Christmas wreaths goes back to 16th century Europe to welcome the Holiday and the visitors. The circular shape represents eternity and the Christian concept of everlasting life.

Christmas door and feng shui

Christmas door and feng shui

Organising your Christmas decorations
Rather than displaying your entire collection annually, rotate your decorations to imbue them with greater significance. Showcase those you adore, and part with any that are faded or outdated.

Introducing aromas for a festive ambiance
Infuse your home with festive scents like calming cinnamon, purifying pine and eucalyptus, and harmonising cloves. Oranges studded with cloves, particularly in the kitchen or dining area, can foster abundance, wealth, and joy.

9. The Chrismas table

If possible, round tables are better since they allow for everyone can see everyone and for the conversation to flow better. Also, round shapes promote harmony. If it’s not possible, make sure that you have lots of round shapes around.

10.  Have lots of good lighting and red colour

It’s winter, and it’s dark. Brighten up your home or workplace with lights. Choose warm white lights as opposed to cold ones – they will make you feel warmer, cosier and less brash. Candles are less fashionable now, and for a good reason – they contribute to already polluted air, especially indoor air.
The red colour is one of the best colours to energise your home or workplace. It adds power, and vibrant chi and is uplifting. Make sure that your living room has lots of good lights, sparkling or not – the energy will be enhanced greatly.
Feng shui of the Christmas table

Feng shui of the Christmas table

11. The 21st of December is the winter solstice – a new beginning

The solstice usually (not always) takes place on the 21st of December. Many cultures and religions celebrate the winter solstice as a holiday (Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and pagan festivals) because it marks the return of longer days, and people’s survival depends on understanding seasonal cycles. Psychologically and spiritually, such celebrations and rituals symbolise new opportunities, new beginnings, renewal, and letting go of bad habits and negative feelings. In short, it’s about hope for better times.

Dress up: a good way to celebrate a new beginning is to wear something brand new on the day. Also, you can create a new holiday tradition. Research what people from other cultures do and adopt it.

12. Play games together

Organise lots of board games or any fun activities. Play is an antidote for unpredictability. Have fun.

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