Feng shui for Christmas

12 Feng Shui Tips for Christmas, Feng Shui Christmas Tree

Christmas is a great time to boost the feng shui of your home and office/business or workplace.

Rituals are panculural, and the psychology of ritual has been studied extensively. In short, feng shui = intention + positive energy + ritual. Since light is one of the top feng shui remedies, you can use it strategically to enhance different zones of the feng shui bagua (relationships, career, family, wealth, health, helpful friends/travel, projects/children, wisdom and knowledge, and success/recognition). Or better still, use the Christmas tree to boost specific parts of the bagua.

Introduction to festive feng shui
Christmas, a time for gathering loved ones and reveling in festivities, transforms into a season of joy and brightness, with homes and shops adorned in twinkling lights and vibrant hues.

Styling your home for Christmas and boosting feng shui at the same time
Styling your home for Christmas can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Just focus on the key areas that your guest will see: the entrance, dining room and living room and, of course, the Christmas table. From a feng shui perspective, you can utilise the festive season to boost your feng shui at the same time. Any greenery will decorate your home, and traditionally bringing foliage into your home was intended to ward off any evil spirits – so place it around on mantelpieces, staircase, above frames, ceiling lights, etc.

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What is Chi / Qi / Prana / Life force? How feng shui works and how environmental factors affect us, our biology, genes, and behaviour by Dr Bruce Lipton

What is Chi / Qi / Prana / Lifeforce? How does feng shui work? How environmental factors affect us, our biology, genes, and behaviour? If you’re still wondering about these questions watch this brilliant presentation by Dr Bruce Lipton (author of Biology of Belief). Bruce Lipton is an American developmental biologist best known for discovering that genes, DNA and behaviour can be manipulated by a person’s beliefs and environmental factors. More on Dr Bruce Lipton

Summary of the video

What is chi / qi / prana?
In one scientific word, it is charge and in layman’s term, it is life force or simply ambient and radiant energy.
Read more about what is chi / qi / prana

“Information is physical.” Rolf Randaur

Charge is chi / qi. Watch how charge affects water droplets.

How does feng shui work?
In short: because of epigenetics – ie our bodies and specifically our genes adapt every day to the changes in our environments, affecting our beliefs (placebo effect) and behaviours and every aspect of our lives, starting from our health.
More on how feng shui works and the placebo effect behind feng shui

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