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I’ve visited Faro several times and here’s my feng shui apraisal of the best of the Algarve’s seafront capital.

Faro is the capital of southern Portugal’s Algarve region which from feng shui directionology makes it the success, recogntion area in the bagua model. Faro is packed with history. Originally, Faro was built by the Romand and then conqured by the Moors. As a feng shui consultant I’ll be focusing on the town’s several important landmarks such as neoclassical Arco da Vila which is on the site of a gate that was part of the original Moorish wall, the monumental archway leads to the old town, with its cobbled streets as well as Faro Cathedral, built in the 13th century. The Municipal Museum, in a 16th-century convent, displays prehistoric and medieval artifacts, plus religious art. And charming traditional Portugese bars and cafes.

Faro is very picturesque with the mosaic-tiled streets and crambling town’s walls as well as rickety terracotta rooftops with a numerious rooftop bars. The harbour and the Ria Farmosa Natural Park are a must to see.

Main street
Rue de Santo Antonio is the city’s main street, full of shops and bars. Very touristy and if you want to get a suvenir, get the traditional porcelain sardine or anything with sardines. Notice the famous Portugese pavements (I’ve done my environmental psychology dissertation on some of them), with different designs, motifs, including flowers, fish (of course) as well as geometric patterns.

Old town
In the 18th century, a big earthquake hit Faro, distroying most of the city but you can still spot some remnents of the Roman city walls and the odd Roman tiled house with patterned Arabic door.

Largo da Se is the main square and the centre of the city. The cathedral (built in the 13th century) and the top of the tower offers a wonderful view of the old town. I always try to see the whole place from above to get an overview and a sense of scale of the place.

Arco da Vila (at the bottom of Jardim Manuel Bivar) gives a sense of entry for the chi to enter the place. You might spot (at the right time of the year) lots of storks which nests in chimneys all over the city.

Spiritual feng shui
Igreja do Carmo is a 1719 church is full of history and skeletons (1200 monks were exhumed from the overcrowded  cementary to make some room for more bodies and the bones are arranged in geometric patterns. If that sight is too much for you, relax in the pritty garden outside.

You can have a marzipan cake for breakfast. Cataplana is a traditional stew made with fish, prawns and clams served in a huge copper bowl. A good place for lunch is the oldest cafe in Faro, Cervejaria Alianca, with beautifully tiled walls.

Feng shui consultants in Faro, Portugal

A quick Google search revealed that there are no feng shui consultants in Faro. But if you live in Faro and are looking for a feng shui consultant near you – with 30+ years of experience in feng shui and environmental psychology feel free to call/text me on +44 7956 288574 for a quote for feng shui consultation for your home or workplace. Although I live in London, but I do remote feng shui consultations. Email me

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