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Stockholm, the capital of Sweden is the largest city in Scandinavia and was founded in 1252. Sweden is famous for many things, mainly Abba, Nobel prize, dynamite, GPS, Skype, Stockholm syndrome, and IKEA but is feng shui rooted in Sweden too? Let’s explore.

Feng shui of Stockholm Sweden

Feng shui of Stockholm Sweden

Let’s start with the aerial view of Stockholm via rooftop tours (the highest point is 140feet) which can be exciting and informative. You can also survey the entire city from SkyView: The Globe, the world’s largest spherical building, 130 meters above sea level and situated on Stockholm’s southern fringe. Or try to get to the top of Kaknastornet, TV tower – 155 meters high.

The City Hall (Stadshuset) is a good place to start, where many people collected their Nobel prizes. The Royal Palace (Sveriges Kungahus), took 60 years to build it and its flat roof has the classic characteristics of the earth element in the five element model.

The energy flow
Stockholm extensive tram network provides a good measure of the energy flow in the city. Or you can use Pedalo hire to pedal through a one-third of the water that Stockholm is covered with.

You can visit Europe’s narrowest alley: Mårten Trotzigs Alley to experience a narrow energy flow with the narrowest point of 90cm.

ABBA The Museum is a good example of Sweden taste in harmony and balance as well as an antidote for Swedish minimalism.

Colour by Numbers, the Telefonplan tower is an interactive design and collaboration of architect Milo Laven, artist Erik Krikortz, and designer Loove Broms and was conceived to help people to interact with their environment, similar to feng shui’s ethos.

Ingmar Bergman Street is a short street to visit if you’re into Bergman’s films.

Water element
Water is ever-present in Stockholm. Half of feng shui is water (shui) so this makes feng shui of Stockholm great.  One-third of the water is Stockholm.

Food energetics
Fika is a kind of the equivalent of tea in Sweden. Meatballs were introduced to Sweden in 1713 and since then is a popular dish here and in any IKEA store. Icebar Stockholm provides a chilling experience at -5 degree Celsius.

Swedish values
Majority of Swedish say that “equality, the equal value of everyone” and then some say that: “Western values, democracy, freedom, human rights, openness” and then some say that “to follow Swedish norms, rules and traditions, to speak and understand the Swedish language”.

The Swedish concept of ‘lagom’ has no good English translation and can be described as ‘the middle way’ or ‘moderation’, ‘contentment’ or sufficiency.  The Swedish proverb ‘Lagom är bäst’, which translates as ‘Enough is as good as a feast’ or ‘The right amount is best’.

Swedish openness can be observed with their attitude to death (read below).

Death cleaning – a feng shui ritual
Originally, feng shui was developed to find the best burial places for dead. The soulful practice of ‘death cleaning’ is like space clearing but for the person who might die. It involves giving away or throwing away the positions of the person who’s going to die by the person who’s going to die. In short, it’s downsizing for death. Death cleaning started in Stockholm, as a book ‘The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning: How to Free Yourself and Your Family from a Lifetime of Clutter’ by Margareta Magnusson who wanted to break the taboo of death and be free from the fear of death and have more fun and live life to the full.

Even though that in Sweden, the life expectancy is fairly long, Swedes are better prepared for death as any other country. They are more open and relaxed about talking about death, dying and grief, and the preparation for it. In Sweden, a mandatory funeral tax helps with the financial burden on burying their loved ones and death cleaning helps with the emotional attachment to physical reality. The tax system in Sweden is one of the best in the world and the famous quote comes to mind, “Our new Constitution is now established, and has an appearance that promises permanency; but in this world, nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.”, attributed to Benjamin Franklin, who wrote it in a letter in 1789.

Free Stockholm
You can check the feng shui of Stockholm for free with the Stockholm Free Tour.

Feng shui consultants in Stockholm and Sweden

Google search revealed that there are not many feng shui consultants in Stockholm, Sweden. So if you live in Stockholm, or anywhere in Sweden and are looking for a feng shui consultant feel free to call/text/Whatsapp me on +44 7956 288574 for a quote for feng shui consultation for your home or workplace. I’d be happy to travel to Sweden or to do a remote feng shui consultation via Skype or FaceTime or Whatsapp. Email me

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