Feng Shui Tips for the New Year 2014

Feng Shui tips for the New Year 2014

Feng Shui tips for the New Year 2014

From a psychological and evolutionary point of view the new year is an important marker of transition. All cultures have some kind of rituals to mark any major cyclical change. Here are some top feng shui tips from all over the world that you can use on the 1st of January. (Please note that Chinese observe also their own new year which is based on the lunar calendar – please check this blog for another post about the Chinese New Year which starts on 31 January 2014 – the year of the horse). Check out these eight simple and very practical feng shui tips for the New Year.

1. Wear something brand new on the 1st of January 2014

Anything you like will do: underwear, socks, a scarf, etc. If you have the time get something in the colour for 2014 which is radiant orchid then do it. But don’t worry if you can’t, the feng shui tip number 6 below is another way to get that colour into your life and enhance your chi.

Radiant orchid for 2014 fashion trends

Radiant orchid in fashion for 2014

I like these Converse ALL STAR trainers

Radiant orchid Converse

Radiant orchid Converse ALL STAR trainers

For more fashion ideas in radiant orchid look at this page

2. Go out and do something exciting
Even if it’s just going for walk or to a restaurant, etc. This is to embed  and embrace a new positive and outgoing energy of the new year. Do something completely new and different ie walk to a different part of the park, buy a new book in a bookshop (I’ll be downloading ebooks on my Kindle but I’ll buy this amazing book on interior design by Alidad – The Timeless Home, who will be speaking at the Feng Shui Society conference on 17 May 2014), go to see a new art exhibition.

3. Get a new doormat for you home (or change something around the front door) Or just add something new to your home (for example, new towels or cushions in the radiant orchid, etc)
You could use the colour for 2014 is radiant orchid.
For more interior design ideas look at more images with radiant orchid. 

Radiant Orchid Interior Design ideas

Add some cushions to your home in radiant orchid colour

4. Set some new goals for yourself for the new year
Write it down by hand or on your mobile device. Name it 2014 GOALS or something similar that has meaning to you. A few days before the 1st of January it’s a good idea to remember all the things that happened to you in the previous year – remember in yin and yang terms ‘all is good’. I personally, just look at my photos on my iPhone and that usually brings all the memories…

5. For prosperity you can put some brand new banknotes in your wallet.
Or better still, get a new wallet for the new year.

Banknotes for 2014

Place some new banknotes in your wallet for prosperity in 2014

Radiant Orchid colour for 2014 as a wallpaper on iPhone

Radiant Orchid colour for 2014 as a wallpaper on iPhone

6. Use mobile phone screen / wallpaper for feng shui rituals.
Your mobile phone is a perfect virtual feng shui environment for uploading images to help you to manifest what you want or what you’re focusing or working on. The same applies to your computer screen. Be careful how you use this powerful virtual environment. I once use some photos of tropical islands (as my screen saver) with the intention of going on a holiday there and in three months I ended up living in Barbados for one year.
Start with just a plain radiant orchid screen. Download the radiant orchid colour for 2014 for your mobile phone background or check the colour specs for radiant orchid.

7. Remember what you’re doing on the New Year’s eve and the 1st of January 2014
Take some photos of the activities of that day. Make it memorable. It will help to remember things at the end of 2014. In feng shui, remembering the past is very important. That’s the origins of feng shui and how it all started. Feng shui initially was used to find auspicious burial places to ensure that ancestors would rest in peace. The feng shui wisdom states that the bigger the past the bigger the future.

Radiant orchid broom

Space clearing is one of the top feng shui remedies for improving almost anything

8. Space clear your home for the new year
As one of the top general and all-purpose feng shui tips, space clearing is the ideal way to finish the year and clear the way for new opportunities and adventures in 2014. Since you might be buying some new stuff for the new year, get rid of some old stuff before. Let go of the things that you don’t need to make space for new things to come into your life. Use the space clearing mist to shift energies in your home or workplace. Another way is to clean all the door knobs in your home.

To sum up
The most important thing is to do something new for the new year. If you can’t do some of those feng shui tips on the 1st of January you can do them during the week. The energy of the new year last for a week or so. Have fun. Start the new year well and live well.

Don’t worry if you haven’t done any of these tips you’ll have another chance when the Chinese New Year which starts on 31 January 2014. Check my blog for the feng shui tips for the Chinese New Year later in January 2014



Have a wonderful, healthy and prosperous New Year 2014.

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