Feng shui quiz

Feng shui quiz
Test your feng shui knowledge or just refresh it with this simple feng shui quiz. Answers are listed below.

1. What does ‘feng shui’ literally mean?
a. The art of placement
b. Energy movement
c. Wind-water

2. Where did feng shui originate?
a. China
b. Thailand
c. Nepal

3. How many years have people been using feng shui?
a. 4000
b. 400
c. 40

4. How often do people usually consult a feng shui expert?
a. Once in a lifetime
b. Every time they make a significant life change
c. Every year

5. For which of the following do people consult feng shui specialists?
a. Starting a new business
b. Having a baby
c. Buying property
d. Selling property
e. Getting more business customers/profit
f. Attracting a mate or improving relationship
g. Improving health and well-being

6. What is the most important room in your home?
a. Kitchen
b. Bedroom
c. Living room

7. What kind of things can drain your energy in your home?
a. Geopathic stress
b. Electromagnetic pollution and dirty electricity
c. Sleeping with your back to the bedroom door
d. Clutter and broken and unfinished things
e. Metal spring mattresses or metal beds
f. Microwave ovens
g. Unfiltered water

Answers: 1. c, 2a, 3a, 4c, 5 all, 6b, 7 all.

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