Feng Shui of Edinburgh, Scotland. Feng Shui Consultant in Edinburgh.

Feng shui of a city is told by its people, buildings and landmarks and Edinburgh has a lot tell and show from Edinburgh Castle to the Scottish Parliament to the medieval settlement to a masterpiece in Georgian architecture and town planning as well as ‘Scottish feng shui’. Let’s evaluate.

Feng shui of Edinburgh

Feng shui of Edinburgh

Edinburgh Castle

As usual, I started at the Edinburgh castle which is sitting atop an extinct volcano, to witness the best panoramic view of the city. The castle, which also houses Edinburgh’s oldest standing building, St Margaret’s Chapel, built in 1130 by King David I, has witnessed many Scotland’s tumultuous episodes of its history. And now over a million annual visitors can appreciate the views.

Scottish Parliament

I’m a feng shui critic and I can’t avoid mentioning the Scottish Parliament’s building. It’s my job to ask questions such as: “Does it work?”, “What does it do?”, “Is it good for what it is?” and so on in relation to the environmental and social impact on people, their physiology, their minds and souls.

Spanish architect Enric Miralles was inspired by Scotland’s landscapes and cultural symbolism (apparently) and Scottish materials such as Kemnay granite and rare Caithness flagstone were used in the construction. Its historic significance comes from self-governance that returned to Scotland under devolution in 1999. Miralles intention for the design of the parliament building was that it would represent and present national Scottish identity.

Feng shui of Edinburgh Scottish Parlament

Feng shui of Edinburgh / Scottish Parlament – are these shapes guns?

Semiotics of the symbolism of the design
Interesting choice of shapes for the elevation of the Scottish Parlament. To me, these look like guns. Why? Is it just me? Once you see it, you can’t unsee it. Feng shui is a recognition, semiotic tool. “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.” said Marcel Proust. Half of the Scottish people want Scotland to be independent. Will such divisive, divergent, threatening and militaristic design for their parliament help them?

Feng shui of the Scottish Parlament

Feng shui of the Scottish Parlament – ‘cutting chi’ ceiling

‘Cutting chi’ ceiling
The design might be original but does it actually work feng shui-wise for its purpose? Would you like to be sitting under this oppressing ceiling debating important, national issues, such as independence, etc? In feng shui, good design and environmental psychology it is recognised that pointing, sharp objects or shapes affect people in a negative way. These kinds of features are called ‘cutting or knife’ chi or energy and for a good reason (we don’t like it when somebody points a finger, knife or gun at us).

Also, symbolically, semiotically and metaphorically speaking it doesn’t evoke any positive images of harmony, balance, unity, clarity, focus, cooperation, democracy, freedom, creativity and so on – all the values you’d want from a good, fair, effective and efficient government. For contrast, look at the beautiful, harmonious ceiling of Gothic St Giles’ Cathedral below – how things come together in unity and balance – in convergence.

Spiritual feng shui of Edinburgh

Spiritual feng shui of Edinburgh

Spiritual feng shui of Edinburgh

Gothic St Giles’ Cathedral, a 900-year-old cathedral is dedicated to the city’s patron saint and with its Neo-Gothic woodwork and gold-leaf ceiling creates a spiritual aura for the whole city.

Famous people from Edinburgh

Sean Connery, Tony Blair, Alexander Graham Bell and Robert Louis Stevenson come from Edinburgh, among many others.

The Balmoral Hotel
Strategically positioned on the corner of Princes Street and North Bridge this purpose-built hotel in 1902 was to serve railway passengers coming into Waverley train station. Cleverly, the hotel’s clock runs three minutes faster so travellers won’t miss their trains (except on New Year’s Eve). Famously, JK Rowling finished writing the final parts of her Harry Potter series, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, in a room which is now renamed for that occasion. You can stay in the suite, which has a special brass owl door knocker and a bust signed by JK Rowling.

Feng shui consultant in Edinburgh 

There are not many feng shui consultants in Edinburgh, Scotland. So if you live in Edinburgh or Glasgow or anywhere in Scotland and are looking for a feng shui consultant near you – with 30+ years of experience in feng shui, vastu and environmental psychology feel free to call/text me on +44 7956 288574 for a quote for feng shui consultation for your home or workplace. Although I live in London, I do remote feng shui consultations, and I do travel. Email me

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