How to Feng Shui Your Front Door? Top Feng Shui Tips for Front Doors. Feng Shui Front Door Directions.

Radiant orchid door

Radiant orchid door

The importance of the front door
The front door to your property or workplace is important because in feng shui it is considered the ‘mouth of chi’ ie the energy that will nourish your home or workplace needs to be channelled well through the door. There are many considerations when working with your front door. Here’s the ultimate guide to making sure that your front door works for you, as opposed to against you.

Feng shui directions for your door
Once you have your property there is little you can do about the direction it faces. Some people who follow dogmatic feng shui principles sometimes change or reposition the way the door faces. From holistic or integral feng shui perspective, this is too dramatic and unnecessary. There are many interventions and solutions to adjust the energy of the direction to allow for the best entrance for the energy to your home or workplace.

For example, you can paint the door a colour that would align you with your best direction. Obviously, if you believe in that sort of feng shui. There are more important, aspects to consider, than the compass directions.

Do you want your front door to be bold or cautious?
This depends, what kind of energy do you want to attract to your home or workplace. You already know what you want to achieve, so use your common sense and find the door that works for your needs and wants.

Do you want your front door to be a lifestyle statement? Front doors are symbolic – you can curate your front door. Feng shui works with symbols, metaphors and energies. People have attachments to memories, childhood memories and places.

In the ‘look at me’ and Instagram era, doors have become statement symbols. In London, Notting Hill Gate area, you can see tourists flocking to take selfies in front of famous doors.

Make your front door strong
In uncertain times, doors symbolise security, protection and a shield from the outside world. Also, they’re a transition zone between your private home and the outside, work environments. Doors are portals to different dimensions. Mark your door with colour, lights, plants, doormats as well as security cameras.

Feng shui colours for front doors
The famous 10 Downing Street door is black and stentorian. Obviously, you can have any type of colour for your door now but be warned there have been petitions going around neighbourhoods requesting people to repaint their ‘wacky’ or very bright coloured doors. It’s wise to ask neighbours if you’re going for a daring look. And consider if the colour won’t clash with your neighbours’ doors. If you follow five elements theory, different elements are represented with different colours in the supporting, nourishing cycles or clashing, diminishing cycles. Supporting cycle follows this order: water element (blue, black) nourishes wood element (green) which nourishes fire element (red) which supports earth element (yellow, orange, earthy colours) which then supports metal (white, grey, silver) which supports water.

Feng shui of 10 Downing Street

Feng shui of 10 Downing Street

The number of the front door
Some people believe in numerology and the number of the door has significance to them. Oriental people, don’t like number 4 because it reminds them of ‘death’ (number four sounds like the word ‘death’). Number eight has a positive association with prosperity and wealth.

Your brand is your reputation

8 for prosperity

What if I can’t change or do anything about my door?
There is always something you can do about your front door. Don’t be ashamed that you can’t change it. You can get a new doormat. You can clean it on a regular bases. If you can’t change the colour, you can repaint it with the same colour to give it a new face.

If you’re renting or living in an apartment and you’re not allowed to do anything, get a good doormat or see what you can do around the door that is allowed.

get a new door mat for 2017

Get a new doormat

Still not sure what to do with your front door
So there are many things to consider when choosing the front door, colours and details. If you’re not sure, and your front door is important to you, consult your feng shui expert or contact me.

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