Feng Shui for Yachts, Superyachts and Boats. How to Position Sailing Boats or Yachts according to Feng Shui

The sales of superyacht, yachts and boats are rocketing thanks to brilliant British craftsmanship and all the tycoons or ‘high net worth individuals’, who are spending fortunes fitting them out with all imaginable luxury and features. Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich spent £1.6 billion on a 533ft yacht Eclipse which has two helipads, 24 guest suites, two pools, three launch pads and a mini-submarine (just in case).

Homes on water
Like mobile homes, on water, feng shui can be applied to every aspect of a yacht or superyacht. Similar feng shui principles apply, with a few exceptions since the yachts require extra care regarding certain aspects of the interior design and energetics of the space.

The choice of accessories and design features is so huge for yachts that some owner are overwhelmed by the choice. According to Antony Sheriff, Executive Chairman of Princess Yachts in Plymouth, one customer became so confused by the endless paint colours on offer for his two 30 and 40-metre yachts that he asked his six-year-old daughter to be in charge of choosing the colour palette. ‘They’ve got multiple homes with gyms, but the boat is the crowning glory, so the gym has to be of the very highest spec,’ says Edward Thomas, a former crew member who set up bespoke superyacht gym-fitter Gymmarine.com. ‘They’ve got multiple homes with gyms, but the boat is the crowning glory, so the gym has to be of the very highest spec,’ says Edward Thomas, a former crew member who set up bespoke superyacht gym-fitter Gymmarine.com. He supplies everything imaginable for yachts’ gyms from bench presses hand-covered in Hermes leather and kettlebells in leopard print as well as golf balls made from fish food so clients can practise their drives into the water without worrying about the impact on the ecology.

feng shui of super yachts

Feng shui of superyachts

Adding feng shui criteria might help or hinder the process of designing the ultimate superyacht. Since the personalisation of superyachts is an essential aspect, feng shui can offer more clarity and focus when it comes to the final design.

Yin and yang harmony
Yin and yang is about balance and harmony. Too much of anything is not good. Depending on how the yacht or boat is built, there needs to be a balance of different elements and materials as well as an interior design feature.

Five elements of the yachts and boats
In feng shui, five elements ie water, wood, fire, earth and metal need to work in harmony for optimum energetic balance. Too much of one element might disturb the elemental balance and yin and yang harmony.

How to use the bagua model on yachts and boats
Bagua model suggests that different spaces can represent different areas of your life, such as career, relationships, wealth, health, travel and so on.

There are three basic ways of using bagua:
1) according to compass direction but this would change as you sail
2) according to the position of the door to the yacht or boat
3) metaphorically ie by just having the right symbols for each area of the bagua

Feng Shui Bagua and position of different life aspects

Feng Shui Bagua and position of different life aspects

Electromagnetic pollution
Most superyachts are full of super security systems because with great wealth comes great paranoia – which means there is a lot of electromagnetic pollution and radiation. Top superyachts are fire-proof, bullet-proof, communication-proof with a radio shield around them, their own radio frequency and panic rooms. If the electromagnetic radiation is not well controlled it’s like being in a Fraday cage but full of electromagnetic pollution. The radiation emitted by all wifi routers and mobile phones is classified as a 2B Carcinogen by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Feng shui of superyachts

Feng shui of superyachts

Bedrooms are the most important part of yachts
If you sleep well and in a healthy, electro-smog free, geopathic-stress-free space – you will thrive. Most health issues start with badly designed bedrooms which are full of environmental stressors. Sleeping in unhealthy bedrooms affect melatonin production which is responsible for healthy, deep sleep cycles.

The blessing ceremony of the yacht
Depending on your worldviews or spiritual outlook or personal preference, different blessings ceremonies are available. Some people employ a priest, rabbi or minister for a blessing ceremony or a feng shui master. Even the most rational people like to think blessing their yacht will bring prosperity and good fortune. Blessing ceremonies for boats or ships have been around since the first man built a flotation device. Traditionally, Chinese sailors painted eyes on the front of their ships, because they believed that ‘she’ had a soul or spirit and needed eyes to see or navigate her way during the voyage. Similarly, Europeans used figureheads for the same purpose. A well-known, traditional ceremony is the breaking of a bottle of champagne at the launch of a ship, boat or superyacht. Naming is also an important part of personification and embodiment of the vessel. Most cultures have a belief or understanding that things have spirits or auras and should be respected as such.

Before I perform any ceremonies on your boat, we have extended discussions to choose the blessings that resonate with your heart. If you think of yourself as more of a free spirit, you can make up your own, based on your expectation of potential results. You also can refer to merchant marine history books to find a ceremony that suits your needs, keeping in mind that a blessing ceremony is an integral part of wind energy.

Where to place a model boat according to feng shui principles
A sailing boat is a feng shui symbol or metaphor for business success. It implies that everything will go smoothly and that your business is in the flow. Model boats also stand for the energy of wind (feng) and water (shui) which represent great opportunities and good profits respectively.  Traditionally, for Chinese traders, the sailing boats are considered the most preferable symbol after dragons.

How to position model boats according to feng shui principles

How to position model boats according to feng shui principles

Depending on what exactly do you want to accomplish business-wise, there are several places for model boats. To activate luck in trading, the sailing boat needs to be placed at your desk or next to the main door. The model boat needs to be positioned in such a way so it looks like it sailing into your office from the main door. Positioning the boat as if it’s selling out from the office is considered bad luck. On the desk or mantlepiece, the boat should face to the right (in the West) since the writing and timeline go left to right (past on the left and future on the right). The same principle applies to hanging a painting of a sailing boat being towards you to gain luck and fortune. Ultimately, though, it doesn’t matter how you place the boat since it’s your positive intention that matters most.

Bill Gates’s £500 million eco yacht?
The rumour is that Bill Gates ordered the world’s first hydrogen-powered superyacht, to the tune of £500m ($644m) which will feature an infinity pool, helipad, spa and gym as well as good feng shui, I hope.  Gates is already an investor in a Californian startup called Heliogen, that plans to turn sunlight into a source of heat. But on 10 February 2020, Sinot Yacht Architecture & Design published a public statement in response to media coverage saying that its hydrogen concept yacht, Aqua, is “not linked to Mr Gates in any form or matter” and that Sinot has not sold the concept to, and has “no business relationship” with, Bill Gates. Who is going to own this hydrogen-powered superyacht then?

If you’re already an owner of a yacht and want to extend your feng shui, you may want to invest in an underground shelter or bunker which can be feng shui to your specification.

The ‘Aqua’ superyacht powered by liquid hydrogen - a snip at £500m. It can travel 3,750 miles before it needs to refuel. Photograph: Sinot/Cover Images

The ‘Aqua’ superyacht powered by liquid hydrogen – a snip at £500m. It can travel 3,750 miles before it needs to refuel. Photograph: Sinot/Cover Images

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