Feng Shui Consultant in Athens, Greece. Feng Shui of Athens and Greece.

Athens, the capital of Greece (the oldest capital city in Europe), has a spectacular ancient history and feng shui to go with it. Greece and Athens, in particular, gave us democracy, Olympics, western philosophy, political science, theatre and comedy, algebra and lots of tourist attractions and monuments that belong to the Greek Ministry.

Feng shui of Athens Greece

Feng shui of Athens Greece


Arial views of Athens
There is no better way to overview the general feng shui layout of Athens (and lots of ruins) as to visit a few hills such as Lykavittos (‘Path of the Wolves’) 277 meters high, the tallest hill in Athens as well as others ie Acropolis (the leading Europe’s tourist destination), the temple of Hephaestus, 450BC (the best-preserved temple in Greece).

Key feng shui power spots in Athens
The Temple of Athena Nike and Propylaea, the gateway to the Acropolis have good feng shui, future-proving Greek civilisation (in the hindsight). Although, if you have recently had given birth, you’re not allowed to enter it. Why?

The Parthenon was built as a temple to honour the goddess Athena, the patron of Athens, and has been used as a church, a treasury, a mosque and a munitions depot. And was also severely damaged in Venetian battle in 1687. But then, the Earl of Elgin sold the marbles to the British government in 1816. Talking about the predecessor law.

Panathenaic stadium was built in 330BC and has a capacity of 50 000 and it is here the Olympic flame handover ceremony is held.

Theatre of Herodes Atticus, built in 161AD has seen many great performances over the years, including of Liza Minelli, Foo Fighters, Frank Sinatra, Elton John, Sting and Riana Ross as well as 1973 Miss Universe pageant.

Athens boasts the street art capital of Europe. If you’re into graffiti or street art, Athens has one of the best streets for that. You can also enjoy here the modern feng shui vibe of the place.

Athens street art

Athens street art

Feng shui of Greek food
Doughnuts, in Greek, called lukumades, also known as ‘honey tokens’ in 776BC are a popular sweet here now, as they were before when given as prizes at the Olympics games. Best eaten with Greek coffee. Ouzo is a traditional Greek drink and an acquired taste and the best place to taste it is Brettos bar, the oldest distillery in Athens. Ouzo’s strength is increased with the number of distillations and it’s best (traditionally) drunk in the late afternoon.

Feng shui of Greece

Lake Vouliagmeni is a geological phenomenon with thermal water at 22-29 degrees all year round and rich in minerals which can help with musculoskeletal problems, gynaecological and dermatological issues. You can also have a natural pedicure done by toothless fish called doctor fish (Garra rufa) which will remove any dead skin from your feet.

Geopathic stress
Greece has tectonic lines which can create geopathic stress for which I invented Helios3 device (geopathic stress harmoniser) which creates the Schumann resonance which is usually lacking or being distorted in places with geopathic stress. Interesting enough, many Greek temples were built on geopathic stress lines crossing to boost momentarily one’s health (hormesis effect) and spiritual development (when you are there). Research on the long term exposure to geopathic stress suggests that it is harmful and spending time on geopathic stress zones should be avoided.

Feng shui consultant in Athens, Greece

Google search revealed that there are not many feng shui consultants in Athens, Greece. So if you live in Athens, or anywhere in Greece and are looking for a feng shui consultant feel free to call/text/Whatsapp me on +44 7956 288574 for a quote for feng shui consultation for your home or workplace. I’d be happy to travel to Athens or to do a remote feng shui consultation via Skype or FaceTime or Whatsapp. Email me

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