Feng Shui Consultant in Paris. Feng Shui of Paris and France.

Feng shui consultant in Paris
Paris is home to artists, poets, philosophers and romantics – not to mention great architecture with good feng shui, cuisine and museums. 50 million tourists come to Paris every year, making it the third most visit city in the world. I come to Paris as a feng shui consultant in search of the European or French form of feng shui. Paris is the birthplace of a bikini, stethoscope and pencil sharpener, among other things – feng shui things. Arboreal Paris is famous for its 484 000 trees which boost the biophilia effect of this picturesque capital of France. With the great feng shui layout and the Seine River boosting the water element of Paris, it’s no wonder that Paris is one of the topmost visited cities in the world. Let’s look at Paris from a feng shui perspective to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of this amazing city – the city of more than romance.

Feng shui of Paris

Feng shui of Paris

Travel in Paris
The best way to get to Paris from London is by Eurostar. Once in Paris, the metro and foot are the best modes of transport. You can try the bikes, but I’m not sure about them, to be honest. Retro tours on motorcycles is another mode of transport you can try to see Paris in a day or a water Batobus tour is another one. Parisian metro has a distinct aroma coming from the cleaning liquid they use. At one point, they tried a different cleaning material and people objected because it didn’t smell the same. So you can say, that Paris has a distinct olfactory vibe (not to mention all the top brands such as Channel number 5, Dior and Opium).

Paris = romance

Wind element
Unfortunately, Paris has struggled for years with the bad quality of the air. The current mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, is doing her best to rectify the problem by introducing more cycle lanes. Paris has a lot of trees already, but car exhaust fumes are still the major contributor. Electric cars, in the long run, it probably the best solution.

High, panoramic views of Paris to appreciate feng shui patterns
There are several good places to have an overview of Paris. Tour de Eiffel is one of the obvious ones if you fancy queuing for hours or walking countless steps. There are 30 replicas of the Eiffel Tower around the world. Montparnasse Tower is a good alternative to the Eiffel Tower and has the highest roof terrace in Paris and Europe’s fastest lift which for lift fanatics is an attraction in itself. From Montparnasse Tower Panoramic Observation Deck, you can see all the top power places such as the Eiffel Tower, Arc the Triumph, Louvre, Notre Dame, Champs Elysées, and the rest (the views are magnificent at night).

IM Pei Pyramid Louvre

IM Pei Pyramid Louvre

The energy flow of Paris
Paris has been transformed with the famous redesign done by Georges-Eugene Haussmann, which was a huge public undertaking commissioned by Emperor Napoléon III between 1853 and 1870. Paris’ street layout and distinctive appearance of the centre of Paris today is largely the result of Haussmann’s renovation work which opened up overcrowded and unhealthy settings by building wide avenues, new parks and squares.

Paris Feng Shui Consultant

Paris, feng shui energy flow

The energy of food in Paris
The number of eating options in Paris is overwhelming, making the French capital’s most dynamic and varied dining heaven destination. But where to start? The oldest Parisian cafe is Café Procope which was opened in 1686 and also worked as a museum for its famous patrons such as Voltaire and Marie Antoinette. Snails are one of the most famous dishes you can try there.

Or Au Pied de Cochon, in the heart of the capital, is the first institution to offer, from its opening in 1947, a continuous 24-hour service.

The green hour, around 5 pm, is the drinking time, named in reference to absynthe – also known as ‘green fairy’ – a very strong alcohol banned in 1914 for a century.

Macarons are mythic in Paris. If you’re a fan, you need to try the macaron cookery class at Le Cordon Bleu.

Macaroons in Paris

Macarons in Paris – sweet energy of decadence

Romance is Paris in one word
Paris is famous for its romance and love and sometimes it’s called the City of Love and Romance. The energy of love is present everywhere if you can see it. Couples are kissing more in Paris than anywhere else. This photo below suggests (although it was staged). Paris is symbolic of love because many women dream to have their engagement there. The lights, the French food and the wine – all contribute to an atmosphere conducive to love and romance. And, of course, the French language helps – it’s the language itself, which was once (in 2013) voted the sexiest in the world. ‘Je t’aime / oh, oui je t’aime! / moi non plus’. In the book, Eat Pray Love by Elisabeth Gilbert and the film of the same name, which is a biographical romantic drama starring Julia Roberts as Elizabeth Gilbert, Gilbert defines Rome in one word: Rome = power. Then, in the same fashion, Paris = romance.

Kissing on the railway platform?
It’s best not to do it. Why? It’s illegal under a 1910 regulation to kiss on a railway platform in France.

The Kiss by the Hôtel de Ville by Robert Doisneau

The Kiss by the Hôtel de Ville by Robert Doisneau

Wisdom of Paris
Paris is home to many thinkers, scientists and philosophers, such as Gilles Deleuze, my favourite philosopher, who influenced my personal and spiritual development, making me a better thinker and a better feng shui expert.

Shakespeare and Company Paris

Shakespeare and Company Paris

One of my favourite bookshops in the world is Shakespeare and Company, Paris. This little and nicely cluttered bookshop with the eclectic mix of old and new books was the favourite bookshop of Ernest Hemingway, Ezra Pound and Ford Madox Ford,  just to name a few. (You can still get a bed for the night in exchange for working in the shop.) You’re not allowed to take pictures, not to disturb avid readers inside. The bookshop layout is labyrinth-like for you to discover new books at every corner. It has unusually good feng shui. No space is wasted – this is heaven for book lovers. Although, on a busy day, it’s full of tourists who just want to see it. True to the original social values (half bookshop and half lending library) that guided Sylvia Beach, the founder of Shakespeare and Company – this bookshop doesn’t charge for the entry (unlike Livraria Lello, the bookshop in Porto, which was the inspiration JK Rowling and her Harry Poter – you’ll get a book voucher for the entrance fee).

Shakespeare and Company bookshop featured in Woody Allen’s romance/fantasy film called Midnight in Paris (at the end of the film).

Shakespeare and Company in Woody Allen's Midnight in Paris

Shakespeare and Company in Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris

Shakespeare and Company is situated strategically, diagonally opposite Notre-Dame de Paris and has a sweet cafe shop next door, so you can read a book, have a drink and enjoy the view of the cathedral and get their famous bookshop canvas bag (as seen below on the top left).

Cafe at Shakespeare and Company, Paris with a view of Notre-Dame

Cafe at Shakespeare and Company, Paris with a view of Notre-Dame

Spiritual Paris
At Père Lachaise cemetery, you can take in the graves of Oscar Wilde and Jim Morrison. The spiritual heart of Paris and France is, of course, Notre Dame de Paris.

Feng Shui and the Five Elements of Paris, France

Paris, the enchanting capital of France, is known for its romantic charm, cultural richness, and historical depth. This captivating cityscape also offers an intriguing illustration of Feng Shui’s five elements – water, wood, fire, earth, and metal. Let’s journey through the Parisian milieu, understanding how these elements come together in a harmonious dance.

Water: Prosperity in Flow
Water, in Feng Shui, signifies prosperity and the flow of life, and this element is beautifully embodied by the Seine River, which winds its way through the heart of Paris. The numerous bridges across the Seine, such as the iconic Pont Neuf, symbolize connection, mirroring the water’s fluidity. The city’s famous fountains, like the ones in Place de la Concorde, also contribute to the water element, promoting the flow of positive energy. The Seine River is famous and offers spectacular sightseeing tours in Paris, which are lined with top monuments, including Notre-Dame, the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Museum and Musée d’Orsay, among many others. There are also canals in Paris which distribute positive energy of water element throughout Paris.

Wood: Vibrancy of Life and Growth
The wood element in Feng Shui represents growth and vitality, and Paris boasts an abundance of green spaces that bring this element to life. The Luxembourg Gardens, with its vibrant flora and tree-lined promenades, offer rejuvenation, while the Bois de Boulogne, with its forests and gardens, echoes the wood element’s energy of growth and renewal. The city’s commitment to urban greenery, such as green roofs and wall gardens, further amplifies this element.

Fire: Illuminating Passion and Transformation
Fire, the Feng Shui element associated with transformation and passion, is deeply ingrained in Paris’s soul. The city’s rich art scene, from the Louvre’s masterpieces to the cutting-edge exhibitions at Centre Pompidou, mirror this transformative energy. The warmth of Parisian cafés, the city’s vibrant nightlife, and the fiery spirit of Parisians during festivals like Bastille Day, all kindle the passion inherent in the fire element.

The fire element – spiritual and artistic Paris
With many churches and beautiful places, the spiritual life of Paris is alive. The fire element in feng shui is associated with art and spiritual development. Unfortunately, on 15 April 2019, Notre-Dame caught fire, destroying the roof and spire but leaving the structure intact. Notre Dame de Paris is considered the spiritual heart of Paris and France.

Art in Paris and France has been an integral part of life and French artists contributed to art in many different, innovative and revolutionary ways. For example, impressionists in France (Monet, Degas, Renoir) were quite controversial at the time when they started their unique way of paintings based on the idea of how changes of light affect your changing perception of physical reality or simply put it that visual experience is a product of light. They were rejected from exhibiting their art by the previous generation of realists, who had a monopoly on who could exhibit at the art salons. So what did impressionists do? They organised their own salon exhibition called the Salon des Refusés. So as a new art moment, the impressionist set themselves not to be in opposition to previous art and rather than write their artistic manifesto in opposition to realist art, they formed their own path and followed it.

Earth: Stability and Nourishment
Earth, in Feng Shui, represents stability and nourishment and is deeply connected to Paris’s historical and cultural roots. Landmarks such as the Notre Dame Cathedral and the Panthéon provide a sense of grounding and continuity. The charming cobbled streets of Le Marais and the hearty French cuisine also underscore the earth element’s nurturing characteristics, offering sustenance and connection to the city’s rich heritage.

Metal: Clarity, Innovation and Resilience
Lastly, the metal element in Feng Shui, embodying resilience, clarity, and precision, resonates in Paris’s architectural marvels and innovative spirit. The Eiffel Tower, a symbol of Paris itself, epitomizes the strength of the metal element. The city’s modern architecture, like the glass-and-steel Louvre Pyramid, and its role as a global fashion hub, reflect metal’s qualities of innovation and precision.

In conclusion, Paris weaves together the five elements of Feng Shui, creating a harmonious tableau that contributes to its unique allure. From its historical landmarks to its modern innovations, each element plays a pivotal role, shaping Paris into a city where nature’s elements and urban beauty sing a beautiful symphony of energy, balance, and transformation.

Visual art and graffiti
If you don’t want to spend time in art galleries, street art and graffiti is a good alternative. You can use the street map app to guide you to the most visual graffitis in Paris.

Grid map of central Paris

Grid map of central Paris

The property market in Paris
Parisian property is a third cheaper than central London (London has been the most popular place for international business people to invest in a property in Europe, but that seems to be changing now with London’s property market falling and Paris’s one increasing) with the population of the French capital fall 2.6% in the last five years. The most popular places to buy a property (for the wealthiest buyers) are in the sixth and seventh arrondissements.

Paris for free, almost
As with most cities across France, visiting on the first Sunday of the month can save you lots of cash (the Musee d’Orsay and the Centre of Pompidou offer this). The Louvre is free on the first Saturday evening of each month.

Feng shui consultants in Paris, France

There are feng shui consultants in Paris. But if you live in Paris are looking for a feng shui consultant near you – with 30+ years of experience in feng shui, vastu and environmental psychology feel free to call/text me on +447956 288574 for a quote for feng shui consultation for your home or workplace. Although I live in London, I do remote feng shui consultations. Or I can jump on the Eurostar and be in Paris in a couple of hours. Email me

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