Donald Trump – Feng Shui Enthusiast?

Why does Donald Trump, the President-Elect of the United States of America, use feng shui?  Donald Trump – Feng Shui Enthusiast. 

When Donald Trump becomes the President of the United States – is he going to use feng shui and space clearing practices in the White House?

Why Donald Trump, President Elect of the United States of America uses feng shui?

Why Donald Trump, President-Elect of the United States of America uses feng shui?

“You don’t have to believe in Feng Shui for it to work. I just know it brings me money.”
To me, the answer is very clear. Most of the property developers in the world now use feng shui (I have worked for many top developers in London and worldwide), and whatever else he might be – Donald Trump is a smart businessman who understands this. He originally discovered feng shui because of a deal going wrong, and said “I was in the process of selling very expensive apartments to a group of Asians and all of a sudden they back out because of something called Feng Shui; and that was a word that, at that time, I had never heard of. I said, what is Feng Shui?” On another occasion, Donald Trump, clearly a feng shui enthusiast said, “I would guess that it might have made a difference. It certainly didn’t hurt us in any way. Feng shui creates a balance that I believe adds to the comfort zone of rooms and space, and that is felt by guests and residents.”


When Donald Trump becomes the 45th President of the United States – will he use feng shui and space clearing techniques to create a more harmonious White House?

Donald Trump – Feng shui enthusiast – Feng shui of the White House
Once Donald Trump is President of the United States – is he going to use feng shui and practise space clearing in the White House? I hope so. I’m waiting for the call. If the White House is feng shui’ed, it will create more harmony, balance and peace and provide optimum conditions for working and living, as well as for making the best decisions for the American people and the world.

Donald Trump’s female feng shui consultant: Pun-Yin
It’s reported that Donald Trump’s feng shui consultant was a Chinese female feng shui master Pun-Yin, who said: ‘Until I did this [Trump Tower] project and took off, it was not a female industry at all.’ Donald Trump used feng shui to have the edge over his competitors, he said: “It’s just another element in which you can have the advantage over your competitors,” and “Asians are becoming a big part of our market and this is something we can’t ignore.” he said in a New York Times’ article about feng shui in 1994. He also said, “It’s important to adhere to the principles of a large group of people that truly believe these principles, and if they believe them, then that’s good enough for me.”

White House Redecorated Donald Trump Style?
The president-elect is well known for lavish and opulent interiors. Mhairi Coyle, an interior designer, suggested that Donald Trump might go for a Versailles look which means gold, marble and chandeliers which means gold, marble and chandeliers – which are are all good feng shui interventions as long as they’re in harmony with the decor and style of the White House and feng shui principles. However, Mr Trump has mentioned in the past that he would tone down his interior decorations if elected and said that the White House was a special place (in 2015 for People magazine) – “You don’t want to do too much touching.” and he also said that he’ll be busy working, not decorating.

What would I advise Donald Trump if he would have asked me for a feng shui advice?
1) The Oval Office: I would suggest some very subtle additions to make his own stamp on the place – of course, if that would be appropriate.
2) The bedroom: Mr Trump says that he sleeps little so I would make sure that his bedroom is totally optimised for perfect sleep and rejuvenation. I would suggest minimising electromagnetic pollution and stress. I would check the levels of negative ions in the bedroom and suggest an ioniser (research suggests that the abundance of negative ions is beneficial for health and wellness). I would check if the bed is in the power position. Donald Trump said, “Don’t sleep any more than you have to. I usually have about four hours per night. I’m in bed by 1am and up to read the newspaper at 5. That’s all I need, and it gives me an edge. I ask friends who sleep ten hours a night: ‘How can you compete with me?’
3) Making it home: homemaking is a very important aspect of settling down in a new environment. I would suggest positioning his favourite things, art and photos in key areas so he and the whole family would feel at home there.

Gold Oval Office
The curtains have been changed to gold ones; the huge, circular rug from Obama’s presidency that featured quotes from leaders including, MLK Jr. and four former presidents have been replaced with the sunburst gold and yellow rug with garland edges designed by Laura Bush during her husband’s presidency, as it’s said Bush requested to have one that represents his spirit of optimism. The couches inside the oval office were also replaced, so they are now brocade and no longer grey suede.

Oval Office House House - feng shui'ed?

Oval Office House House – feng shui’ed?

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