Change your internal chi to change your external circustances by chewing your food more

Chewing your food will change and improve your life (and can save your life – read the historic account below)

Research suggests that a simple act of chewing your food more will have many health benefits. It makes sense since by chewing you’re helping with pre-digesting the food and making your body more alkaline with your alkaline saliva. More on benefits of chewing food 

Lino Stanchich book POWER EATING PROGRAM You Are How You Eat

Lino Stanchich book POWER EATING PROGRAM You Are How You Eat

Lino Stanchich in his book POWER EATING PROGRAM You Are How You Eat  (available on Kindle as Conscious Eating) suggests that chewing food not only can improve your life and also save your life. Your grandmother might have told you to chew every mouthful of food at least 100 times to stay healthy. The father of Lino, Antoni Stanchich was in a concentration camp in Germany during the second world war and there wasn’t much food to eat and he intuitively discovered that chewing water (because it was so cold) would give him energy. Initially, he would chew each mouth of water 50 times and notice that the more he chew it the more energy he would get. Then he started to chew all his food, 150 times, sometimes 300 times each mouthful. He believed that the magic number for chewing was 150 times. To cut a long story short, people were dying of starvation daily in that camp and Antonio believes that this simple act of chewing helped him to survive. In fact, he and his two friends who were also practising chewing were the only people to survive from his original crew.

Sphere of influence 

The function of feng shui is to change and improve your external circumstances but there are more powerful influences that can impact your life i.e. you and people around you.

“The greatest discovery of any generation is that a human can alter his life by altering his attitude.” William James

When it comes to what has influence over us:

1) We – have the most power to change our lives
2) Others – family, friends and people around us can influence us
3) Feng shui – the immediate environments will influence you
4) Events – world events can have an impact on us

“Fear less, hope more; eat less, chew more; whine less, breathe more; talk less, say more; hate less, love more; and all good things will be yours.” Swedish Proverb

Chewing will help you to eat less. Other ways to eat less are:

• Buy smaller plates or black plates
• Serve food from smaller containers
• Look at the window while you eat or just don’t look at food too much
• Eat organic produce – you’ll get all the nutrients from smaller portions
• Become vegetarian or vegan
• Stop keeping unhealthy snacks where you can easily see them
Fasting or intermittent fasting
• Circle the buffet and then choose
• Have a mirror in your kitchen – 32% reduction in consumption of unhealthy food because makes you more aware of your body and you’re more likely to eat food that is good for you

Read How chewing for longer helps you eat 30% less: Fascinating TV experiment by diet expert shows process could play a bigger role in weight loss than previously thought

Samantha Cameron seems to be a fan of chewing too, ‘subscribing to Dr Franz Mayr’ clinic’s principles: chew half an avocado for a meal – each bite at least 30 times.


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