Boats and Helicopters Story – How to Become More Lucky and Recognise Opportunities

Lucky people learned to recognise opportunities everywhere and listen to alarm bells.

This short story should remind you that we all have ‘boats and helicopters’ coming our way when we need help. Most of the time there are warnings, signals, insights, premonitions and intuition that can help you – only if you could read them in time. Well, you can learn how to be lucky and see opportunities as well as danger.

'Boats and helicopters' – learn how to recognise them

‘Boats and helicopters’ – learn how to recognise them

Boats and helicopters
“There was a flood, and everyone was being evacuated from the village. As the water rose, one man went to the top storey of his house. He remained calm because he knew that he was a good man and that God would save him. A rescue boat came by, but the man said ‘Don’t worry about me. God will save me.’ The water rose higher, and he climbed onto the roof.

A rescue helicopter lowered a ladder to him, but he said, ‘Don’t worry about me, God will save me.  Shortly afterward, the water rose above the level of his house, and he drowned. However, he was a good man, so he went to heaven, but furiously asked God why he hadn’t been saved. God looked at him and said, ‘I sent you a boat. I sent you a helicopter. What more did you want?’”

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