How does feng shui affect human biology and behaviour? Hormones and feng shui.

We are our hormones. We are our bodies. We are our minds and souls. We are also social beings. Life is complex and there are many dimensions to it. So it’s natural to think that our immediate environments will affect us on different levels from physical to hormonal to emotional, to mental to spiritual to social and beyond. Let’s start with how does feng shui affect our hormones which are responsible for our behaviour, mood and state of mind. We have many hormones but let’s focus on dopamine, endorphin, oxytocin, serotonin, melatonin and cortisol.

Dopamine is a hormone responsible for motivation, performance, success, focusing, memory and is a state-changing feel-good substance. If evolution hadn’t developed dopamine, humans would probably still be living in caves. Dopamine is our brains’ most powerful pain killer. Just notice when you’re in a new place, a new city how you feel. You’re more focused and stimulated.

What does activate dopamine? Novelty, joy and feeling good are key aspects that boost dopamine. Every time you learn something new you’re creating thousands of new neural connections in your brain and this is mediated by dopamine. And the biggest factor elevating your dopamine is change – any change. Also, breaks or change of activity such as having a cup of tea. In feng shui, we like to change things. Any environmental change will activate dopamine which in turn will help you with achieving your goals and dreams.

Happy kids photos

Photos of happy kids boost endorphine effect

Endorphine is a happiness hormone. Endorphine effect is a state of body-mind-spirit where you’re in euphoria. Yes, endorphine is a euphoria hormone. Every single cell in your body releases endorphins. Anything that makes you happy will help with the release of endorphine in your body. So love your home, make it a happy place. Actually, happy memories will activate your endorphine effect too. Surround yourself with happy images, happy faces, visual memories of happy holiday and people. Smiling helps to release endorphine. When you’re looking at the above photo of these happy kids, even if you’re not smiling, your body is releasing endorphine via your mirror cells, which are designed to mimic human emotions.

Oxytocin is your bonding, love, trust and safety hormone. Physical contact stimulates the release of oxytocin and studies confirm the health benefits of this hormone, such as reduced blood pressure and heightened feelings of pleasure. When you feel safe in a particular environment, your body releases oxytocin. Without oxytocin, people find learning difficult and don’t thrive. So oxytocin is essential for survival as many studies confirmed when babies were deprived of human contact or didn’t feel safe. So, create a safe home and workplace. Remove any threatening elements ie cutting chi, geopathic stress, electro-smog, etc. Create a safe environment for learning. Maximise the face to face interaction. When people face each other oxytocin is produced as opposed to when they sit with their backs to each other. This can have a huge impact in office environments where collaboration, efficiency and creativity are important as well as general wellness of the employees. In your home, photos of family, friends and kids playing together will boost levels of oxytocin. Touch is key to oxytocin release – make your home sensual, haptic, soft, warm and with lots of cushions. 
Happy, heart-warming events will boost oxytocin too. House-warming or office-warming parties are the most fun and beneficial events.

Serotonin is well-being, respect and status hormone. If you want your kids to do well at school, populate the walls of your home with their achievements ie diplomas, trophies, etc. Social connections will boost serotonin levels too so photos of people together and working or playing together will do that. Getting involved with your local school or charity will do it as well. Anything that makes you proud will boost serotonin. For example, if you have a window flower box and you care about your neigourhoud your serotonin will be flowing freely in your body. Being grateful releases serotonin. Sitting straight or standing up straight with your shoulders back helps with serotonin levels. Maybe you need to invest in the standing desk.

Melatonin is our sleep hormone. Sleep and especially deep sleep is considered THE most important factor in health, wellness as well as performance. All your problems in personal and professional life have roots in lack of deep sleep. So, sleep in total darkness (any light will disturb melatonin production) and switch off wifi for the night (radiation disturb melatonin production because your body is fooled that there is light ie light has an electromagnetic spectrum). By total darkness, I mean that you can’t see your hand in front of your nose at night. If there is a silver bullet for health, happiness, success and everything you want in life – this is IT. Good, deep sleep.

And finally, cortisol our stress hormone which you need to learn to reduce and manage. A bit of cortisol, from time to time is good for us. Chronic levels of cortisol are deadly in the long run. So, minimise all the environmental stressors such as geopathic stress, electromagnetic pollution and follow all the good, evidence-based feng shui advice. At work, having a good work station, good office chair with padded arm support and sitting well will help you to be in a good state, ready to deal with any stressors that you will encounter.

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