Holistic Success Design: Coaching – Branding – Feng Shui Training

9-day training with Jan Cisek

Success in business depends on the congruence between you and your brand and the environment. Holistic Success Design allows for maximum benefits from the minimum effort because it is based on the key business areas such as branding, coaching and feng shui.

The aims of the training are
• to significantly increase the number of clients and customer loyalty (revenues and market share)
• to ensure that your name is ubiquitous in the business world (brand awareness and effectiveness)
• to improve brand’s authority (brand value and relevant differentiation)

Change can be best initiated in three key domains: environment (feng shui), appearance (branding), and inner mind (coaching, values, behaviours). Holistic Success Design will improve the reputation of your brand and it will affect the quality of your services. With feng shui the feeling in the office will improve, people will become more enthusiastic and productive.

Successful people are made, not born. The research suggests that successful people don’t necessarily have an especially high IQ, but they almost always have 1) very supportive environments, 2) they have important mentors and 3) they always put in a lot of effort. So in fact, people who have good coaches or mentors always achieve more than those without. You might even say that good coaching makes success certain.

Structure of the training
There will be 3 modules (of 3 days) spread over the whole year (2 modules before summer and 1 in the autumn) – 9 days in total. Each module will contain a day for each 3 key aspects of Holistic Success Design (Friday: Coaching, Saturday: Holistic Branding, Sunday: Feng Shui.)

1. Coaching (how to lead and manage yourself and others) – Friday
1. What coaching is and how it works
2. Miracle question (Solutions Focus Process)
3. How to elicit what you want and find out what is stopping you
4. Coaching strategy: goal setting, action plan, key coaching questions
5. 80/20 coaching: maximum benefit from the minimum effort
6. Storytelling strategy: 7 life stories that run your life
7. Executive coaching
8. Leadership vs management
9. Personal coaching
10. How to manage stress and neutralise negative emotions and blocks to success (EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique/tapping)
11. How to make decisions/choices
12. Time management
13. Coaching and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming

2. Holistic Branding (how to design and manage perceptions about you and your brand) – Saturday
1. What Holistic Branding is and how it works
2. Key branding concepts and working principles
3. Elicitation of core brand values (Richard Barrett model) and brand affects (emotional connection)
4. Fine-tuning clarity of the vision
5. Produce ideas for a strapline/slogan: to communicate the brand relevant differentiation and value
6. Brand congruence alignment (focus, differentiation, people, identity and brand, values, vision, website, environment, positioning): to produce trust and long-term brand loyalty
7. Secrets of branding
8. How to develop a brand story
9. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) – how to get your website ranked high on the search engines
10. Logo for life: personal metaphor for life
11. How to live the brand: developing a brand-building organization and how every employee becomes a brand ambassador
12. Develop your brand: logo, business card, etc

3. Feng Shui (how to make the environment work for you) – Sunday
1. What feng shui is and how it works
2. Brand alignment with the environment (feng shui)
3. Feng shui management and congruence checklist
4. Secrets of feng shui
5. How to affirm space/homes/offices
6. 80/20 feng shui: everything you need to know to feng shui businesses and homes
7. Feng shui your own home and business
8. How to feng shui your website

Please bring: plans, logos, business cards for assessment – yours and your clients. We’ll work on your personal and business brands. This is very practical sessions that will help you personally and business wise. You will receive a personal coaching, branding and feng shui advice from Jan worth thousands of pounds. This is your one in lifetime opportunity to learn and experience Jan’s brand wisdom and years of expertise.

What you will receive
• A comprehensive manual for Holistic Success Design
• A diploma in Holistic Success Design
• Personal and executive coaching
• Personal Holistic Branding
• Personalised feng shui consultation

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Price: tbc

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