Happy New Year 2015 (in London). Feng Shui Rituals for the New Year.

What an amazing start to the 2015 New Year in London. A spectacular fireworks display heralded in the New Year – excellent feng shui for the capital.




Watch the fireworks and see more photos of New Year’s Eve in London and around the world

2015 is the Year of the Wood Goat (Sheep/Ram) starting on 19 February 2015. Top feng shui tips for the Year of the Goat are coming shortly – so check this blog again soon.

Light, fire and fireworks as a feng shui remedy
Light is one of the top remedies for activating your feng shui. It can also be used for space clearing and boosting different parts of your bagua areas.

Feng shui ritual for the New Year
• Wear something brand new on New Year’s Day (and throw away something old on the 31st of December)
• Do something different on New Year’s Day: experience something new e.g. eat or drink something you haven’t tried before, visit a new place, etc
• Make a checklist/wish list for the new year: what do want in the new year. Make a list of key desires for the new year, for example, if money/prosperity is important, see the next tip/ritual. Whatever is your most important value, find a relevant image or symbol and make it the home screen on your computer and mobile devices.

We get more of what we focus on!

• Get a new wallet for prosperity or put something new in the old one e.g. brand new banknote/s, your symbol for prosperity, an image that symbolises (read what they do in Poland below).
• If improving your health is important to you, do something healthy or make a health plan for the year. Short fasting or intermittent fasting is a great way to boost your health – especially after the excesses of Christmas – and it will make a difference to how you feel.

How other nations celebrate the New Year – interesting rituals from around the world

At midnight, people go out and take 12 cents with them and standing with their backs to the street, throw the coins behind, believing that this will bring them lots of money in the new year.

At midnight, people switch on every light in their home, believing that this will clear any bad spirits from all corners of the house. They also open every cupboard, door and window – then run around closing them up again.At midnight, people switch on every light in their home, believing that this will clear any bad spirits from all corners of the house. They also open every cupboard, door and window – then run around closing them up again.

For each of the 12 chimes at midnight, every Spaniard must eat one grape. This will provide prosperity for the rest of the year.

On New Year’s Eve, Venezuelans wear yellow underclothes for good luck.

People buy pomegranates and throw them from their balconies. The more they can throw, the more prosperous year they will have.

At midnight, they crack an egg into a glass and leave it on the windowsill for the night. In the morning they inspect how it looks. What it looks like will represent and predict what kind of a year they will have?

At 00:00, people go outdoors banging pots and pans very loudly.

At midnight, people fill containers with water – then throw the water outside of their front doors.

On New Year’s Eve, Dutch people eat ‘oliebollen’ – a donut-like pastry which is deep fried and covered in sugar.

Write down your wishes for the new year, burn it, put the ashes into a glass of champagne and drink it before 00:01.

After the midnight, the tradition of the “first guest” starts, i.e. it’s good to be the first quest in the new year at somebody’s home. People visit each other bringing gifts such as bread, salt, whiskey, etc – wishing the visiting families happiness and prosperity.

Eat a spoon of lentils in order to have a prosperous year with plenty of work. Also, sweep your home from inside out – to get rid of any bad vibes.

Take en empty language and circle your home a few times – to ensure lots of travel in the new year. The question is in which direction to circle: clockwise or anticlockwise? The answer is: if you’re in the southern hemisphere anticlockwise, if in the northern hemisphere: clockwise.

In order to attract new love, ladies wear pink knickers and men red underwear. At 24:00 everyone outstretch their right foot – to start the new year well.

1) Wear white clothes to ward off bad spirits.
2) Jump over seven waves to ensure happiness for every day of the week.
3) Offer gifts to IEMANJA, the goddess of water. She likes gifts, especially flowers. Throw them into the ocean but if they come back – it means that she didn’t accept them.

In China, number eight is considered lucky because the word for “eight” (八 Pinyin: bā) sounds similar to the word which means “prosper” or “wealth” ( – short for “發財”, Pinyin: fā). Print the Chinese character for wealth and place it in your wallet.

Get some scales of the Xmas carp/fish and place them in your wallet (throw away the ones from the previous year before). Ideally, get a new wallet for prosperity. Fish is symbolic of prosperity in many cultures. In feng shui, koi carps are highly regarded and praised for that. Short of carp or koi carp scales – just print a small photo of koi carps and place it in your wallet. Other symbols of prosperity you can use are: OM, Lakshmi, pentacles in Tarot. If money and prosperity is important to you, check the most materialist nations for ideas. Read the latest book on financial freedom and independence by Anthony Robbins: Money – Master the Game

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