The Year of The Snake – The Snake Zodiac Sign – Feng Shui Tips for the Year of the Snake

The Snake Zodiac Sign – The Year of The Snake – Feng Shui Tips for the Year of the Snake

2013 The Year Of Water the Snake

2013 The Year Of the Water Snake

Feng shui tips for the Chinese New Year (10 February 2013) – The Year of The Snake (Water Snake)
Happy and Prosperous Chinese New Year 2013 – The Year of (Water) the Snake and Kung Hei Fat Choi to all.

Please remember that the New Year celebration can last up to 15 days (depending on the tradition) but you have at least five days to do something positive to celebrate it and being grateful to the Chinese for giving us feng shui.

The Snake (蛇) is the sixth of the 12-year cycle of animals which appear in the Chinese zodiac related to the Chinese calendar. The Year of the Snake is associated with the Earthly Branch symbol 巳. In Chinese astorological symbology, snakes are believed to be intelligent with tendencies to be a bit unscrupulous, as well as reserved and contemplative.

Hour and month of the snake energy
The 12 zodiac animals are also used to symbolise the cycle of hours in the day, each being associated with a two-hour time period. The snake hour is 9:00 to 11:00 am, the time when the Sun warms up the Earth when snakes come out of their holes. The ‘month’ of the snake is 5 May to 5 June.

Snake Wallpaper

Snake Wallpaper

A few ideas (that I’m doing):
1) Wear something brand new to mark a new beginning
2) Get eight oranges (or do a Feng Shui Orange Peel Blessing Ceremony – please post your protocols for doing it)
3) Go for a Chinese meal
4) Do some space clearing – get rid of things to allow for new things to come into your life in 2013
5) Write down a list of your dreams and goals for 2013. Writing it down is the first step in physicalizing your dreams/goals. It will help you to clarify and crystalise them and then materialize them.
6) Download an image of a snake and use it on your smart phone as a wallpaper. Or get a toy snake (it’s a water snake this year so ideally should be black or blue). Check these snake trends for 2013
7) Research and meditate on the symbolic powers of snakes to resonate with their characteristics. Snakes (serpents) have a long environmental semiotics/symbolism in many cultures from kundalini / enlightenment to sex / reproductive powers to caduceus / medicinal powers and DNA to the biblical Adam and Eve story and so on. Snakes have been regarded as keepers of knowledge – discover what you can learn from them.
8) Do any ritual that will make you feel good. Remember, if a particular feng shui ritual doesn’t make you feel better – don’t do it. Feng shui is very practical and adaptable. In short, feng shui = intention + your energy + ritual.
9) Play Snake on your iPhone or smart phone

Keep empowering your life with feng shui in 2013 – The Year Of The Snake.

People born in the Year of the Snake, with corresponding elements:

Start date End date Heavenly branch
4 February 1905 24 January 1906 Wood Snake
23 January 1917 10 February 1918 Fire Snake
10 February 1929 29 January 1930 Earth Snake
27 January 1941 14 February 1942 Metal Snake
14 February 1953 2 February 1954 Water Snake
2 February 1965 20 January 1966 Wood Snake
18 February 1977 6 February 1978 Fire Snake
6 February 1989 26 January 1990 Earth Snake
24 January 2001 11 February 2002 Metal Snake
10 February 2013 30 January 2014 Water Snake
29 January 2025 16 February 2026 Wood Snake
15 February 2037 3 February 2038 Fire Snake
2 February 2049 22 January 2050 Earth Snake
21 January 2061 8 February 2062 Metal Snake
7 February 2073 26 January 2074 Water Snake
26 January 2085 13 February 2086 Wood Snake
12 February 2097 31 January 2098 Fire Snake

In Japan the new sign of the zodiac starts on 1 January, while in China it starts, according to the traditional Chinese calendar, at the new moon that falls between 21 January and 20 February, so that persons born in January or February may have two different signs in the two countries. If that’s your case, check Chinese calendar.

If you feel that you need to have the power of the snake closer to your skin check these shopping/fashion ideas

Year of the Snake fashion

Year of the Snake fashion



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