Feng shui tip for career prospects: front door

One for the simplest feng shui ways to change the energy in your home to improve your career prospects is to change something around the front door. The front door is the transition area between your private life and public / work life. If you’re working from home it will still work since you’ll be doing it with a specific intention.

Radiant orchid door

Radiant orchid door

1. Change the colour of the front door
There are different ways to decide on the colour for the door.
• You can use the colour for the year (in 2014 it’s radiant orchid)
• You can calculate the energy for the career zone in the bagua for that year or month.
• Or just follow your heart and decide on a colour that will energies you when you go out (and come in).

2. Get a new doormat
Again you can use the above ways to decide on the colour or just find a doormat that means something. You can also place something meaningful underneath the doormat. In many cultures, people bury some coins (ideal number is eight so for example, eight 1$/£ coins) and offerings for spirits outside the house.

3. Hang something on the door
Temporarily, you can stick a photo / picture or something that will stimulate and energise your career. Classic images or metaphors for career zone are rivers since they symbolise movement and new positive energy. Avoid any images that are too dramatic ie waterfalls or turbulent waves, etc and on the other hand anything that is too still or stagnant. Read the feng shui tip 5 below.

4. Hang a wind-chime above the door
Make sure it sounds nice and it’s not a nuisance. There are different types of windchimes and sound is one of the best ways to moderate the flow of energy (chi) in any environment. Depending on what you want to achieve you can use Feng Shui Five Element Theory to choose between different energies for your goals. Here’s the chart for all the elements and the corresponding materials for wind-chimes:
WATER = glass (blue) windchimes
WOOD = wooden or bamboo (green) windchimes
FIRE = wooden wind chime painted red
EARTH = ceramic (yellow) windchimes
METAL = metal (silver or gold) winchimes
If you’re not sure what type of windchime to use consult your feng shui practitioner or contact me.

Horeshoes for prosperity

Horsehoes for prosperity

5. Place some meaningful images or things around the door
In Hindu culture people place images of Lakshmi and Ganesh for protection and prosperity as part of Vastu Shastra practice which is a Hindu version of feng shui. Chinese hang strings of coins around the door and place lucky cats (I like this solar powered lucky cat).  Greeks hang the evil eye symbol for protection. In the west people hang the horseshoe above the door and the ‘correct’ way is to hang them like the letter U to keep the prosperity in like a container.


“I understand that it (feng shui) works whether you believe in it or not.” said Niels Bohr, Danish Nobel Prize winner in Physics, when asked why he has a horseshoe above his door.


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