Feng Shui Consultant in Bucharest. Feng Shui of Bucharest and Romania

Bucharest, the capital of Romania, is placed in southern Romania, which according to the bagua model is the success and recognition of the place. Economically, Bucharest is the most prosperous city in Romania with several large business companies, educational institutes, cultural venues, shopping areas and recreational places.

Bucharest and feng shui
Google trends search revealed that there is a huge popularity for feng shui advice in Bucharest. This might be due to values cherished by all people in Romania. The family is an important Romanian value.  It’s clear that Romania has a family-focused society which appreciates the long term relationships based on trust, loyalty and respect which are embodied early in childhood. Religion also plays an important role. The Orthodox Church is a predominant religion which was suppressed for 20+ years under communism and dictatorship of Nicolae Ceausescu. So, family and spiritual values can explain the interest in feng shui.

Bagua of Bucharest
Overlaying bagua model over the map of Bucharest shows that different areas such as opportunity, relationship, family, wealth, tai chi, travel, creativity, knowledge and success align according to the compass directions.

Feng shui of Bucharest Romania Bagua of Bucharest

Feng shui of Bucharest Romania Bagua of Bucharest

Feng shui consultants in Bucharest

A quick Google search revealed that there are not many feng shui consultants in Bucharest. So if you live in Bucharest or anywhere in Romania and are looking for a feng shui consultant feel free to call/text/Whatsapp me on +44 7956 288574 for a quote for feng shui consultation for your home or workplace. I’d be happy to travel to Bucharest or do a remote feng shui consultation via Skype / FaceTime or Whatsapp. Email me
I’d be happy to come to Bucharest and teach feng shui class or workshop if you’re willing to organise it.

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