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Belgrade is the capital of Serbia, a southeast European country. From a feng shui perspective, the most important landmark in Belgrade is the Beogradska Tvrđava, an imposing fortress at the convergence of the Danube and the Sava rivers. The fortification is a testimonial to the city’s strategic significance to the Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman, Serbian and Austrian empires and it’s now the site of various museums as well as a vast park, Kalemegdan. Belgrade, the capital city of Serbia, offers an enchanting blend of historical depth and urban dynamism. In this vibrant cityscape, one can observe an intriguing interplay of the five Feng Shui elements – water, wood, fire, earth, and metal. Let’s embark on an exploration, examining the energetic symphony of these elements across the city.

Start with panoramic views
Mt Avala is a city landmark looming over Belgrade, the broadcasting tower (the tallest tower in the Balkans (204.5m), initially completed in 1965 but levelled by NATO bombs in 1999, was rebuilt in 2010 and now gives picture-perfect panoramas over Belgrade and beyond from viewing platforms and a cafe.

Belgrade Fortress
Belgrade Fortress (Kalemegdan) witnessed some 115 battles and was destroyed more than 40 times throughout the centuries. Fortifications originated in Celtic times and the Romans stretched it onto the flood plains during the settlement of ‘Singidunum’, Belgrade’s Roman name. What stands today is mainly the product of 18th-century Austro-Hungarian and Turkish reconstructions. The fort’s bloody and tragic history is concealed by today’s jolly cafes and funfairs but makes it all the more interesting to study from feng shui perspective.

Nikola Tesla Museum
Nikola Tesla was a Serb and gave its name to the electric cars now (Tesla cars). Tesla’s ashes are kept here in a glowing, golden orb. Tesla understood feng shui very well and its key principles and invented many ways to harness energy.

Feng shui of Belgrade Nikola Tesla

Feng shui of Belgrade Nikola Tesla

Feng Shui and the Five Elements of Belgrade, Serbia

Water: Confluence of Prosperity
In Feng Shui, water represents abundance and prosperity. In Belgrade, this element manifests itself in the city’s strategic location at the confluence of the Danube and Sava rivers. This point of convergence, reflected in the city’s historical name “Beograd” (White City), symbolizes the continuous flow of prosperity and opportunities, embodying the fluidity inherent in the water element.

Wood: Green Vitality amidst Urban Life
The wood element in Feng Shui stands for growth and vitality, a characteristic embodied in Belgrade’s green spaces. Parks such as Kalemegdan and Tasmajdan, with their verdant landscapes, provide tranquil retreats within the city’s urban bustle. The lush greenery promotes growth and renewal, further symbolizing the wood element’s rejuvenating energy.

Fire: The Transformative Energy of Culture
Fire in Feng Shui symbolizes transformation and passion. In Belgrade, this element finds resonance in the city’s energetic cultural scene. The city’s vibrant nightlife, the passionate music festivals, and the fiery energy of its local cuisine all echo this element. The warm-heartedness and zest for life evident in the city’s residents further align with the transformative and passionate nature of fire.

Belgrade feng shui: modern and spiritual aspects, yin and yang of Serbia

Earth: A Grounded Historical Legacy
The earth element in Feng Shui, symbolizing stability and nourishment, is deeply rooted in Belgrade’s historical heritage. The Belgrade Fortress, a testament to the city’s turbulent history, provides a sense of grounding. Meanwhile, the cobblestone streets of Skadarlija, Belgrade’s bohemian quarter, further underline the earth element’s stabilizing nature.

Metal: Innovation and Resilience
Lastly, the metal element in Feng Shui, associated with clarity, resilience, and precision, shines in Belgrade’s modern architecture and spirit of innovation. The city’s skyline, punctuated by structures like the Western City Gate (Genex Tower), reflects this element. The city’s ability to continuously reinvent itself, despite its challenging past, echoes the resilience and forward-thinking nature of the metal element.

In conclusion, the fusion of the five Feng Shui elements within Belgrade’s cityscape contributes to its unique blend of history, culture, and vitality. Whether you’re a Feng Shui practitioner, a city explorer, or a culture enthusiast, Belgrade provides a captivating canvas where natural elements and urban life harmonize in a vibrant dance of energy and balance.

Feng shui consultants in Belgrade

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