Feng Shui Conference in London UK

8 Feng Shui Conference London UK 17 18May 2014

8 Feng Shui Conference London UK 17-18 May 2014 (Sat-Sun)

There is a very exciting feng shui conference Saturday 17 & Sunday 18 May 2014 in London UK with a host of amazing presentations on a variety of feng shui subjects (feng shui for bedrooms, feng shui metaphors, feng shui for doors, timeless feng shui principles, etc).

I’m looking forward to all the presentations. I’ve given presentations at previous Feng Shui Society conferences and you can watch my presentations on the feng shui video page. There is so much to learn at the conference and you can meet a lot of feng shui consultants who are very happy to answer all your feng shui questions.

The first speaker, Alidad, interior designer (London, UK) is going to talk about how to create timeless homes based on timeless feng shui principles of balance, harmony, proportions as well as comfort and functionality. To give you a taste of this watch the talk he gave at the V&A in 2013 about his book The Timeless Home.

Watch Ting-Foon Chik talking about 2014 and what it means to all the Chinese animals. Foon’s going to talk at the feng shui conference about four pillars’ astrological charts and how you can make the most of your future luck.

Jodi Brunner (Australia) will be talking at the feng shui conference about feng shui form school and architecture in China. Watch this short clip on feng shui of Chinatown in Melbourne. 

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