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Electromagnetic Hygiene in 12 Easy Steps – Summary of Light That Heals: Energy Medicine Today & Beyond by Donna Fisher

Electromagnetic Hygiene in 12 Easy Steps – Summary of Light That Heals: Energy Medicine Today & Beyond by Donna Fisher

Electromagnetic Hygiene in 12 Easy Steps – Summary of Light That Heals

Electromagnetic Hygiene in 12 Easy Steps – Summary of Light That Heals

Light That Heals: Energy Medicine Today & Beyond by Donna Fisher is composed of two parts: the first part is about electromagnetic radiation and health issues caused by it and offers 12 easy steps to remedy the problems and the second part is about light therapies (EPRT – Electro Pressure Regeneration Therapy, SCENAR, COSMODIC, PEMF, NIIT, Radiowave Therapy, Oncothermia, Therabionic Therapy, TTF Therapy, etc) that may shape the medicine of the future. For feng shui purposes read the 12 useful tips for electromagnetic hygiene taken from the book. For more information regarding specific problems caused by electromagnetic pollution and research about it, read the ebook (or if you’re electrosensitive get the paper book – see the link to Amazon after the tips).

1. Electric equipment

Increase distance from electrical cords and electric equipment. Move the power bar at least 1 meter away from your feet. Use a wired extended keyboard to increase your distance from the computer screen. This will reduce the magnetic field.

2. Lighting

Try to work with the fluorescent tube lighting turned off. Remove CFL (compact fluorescent bulbs) from your work area. LED lights (ones that don’t use transformers) are the lights of the future. In the meantime use incandescent light bulbs, as these do not generate poor power quality. NOTE: the original incandescent light bulbs are no longer available in Canada as the government has mandated that only energy efficient lights can be sold.

3. Internet access

Use an Ethernet cable for Internet access (not Wi-Fi). If you need to use wireless, ensure the wireless router is as far as possible from your body and turn it off when not in use. Ensure that you turn off the Wi-Fi on your computer (tablet) and not just the router. Use a wired mouse and keyboard.

4. Cordless phone (DECT phones)

Replace your cordless telephones with a corded landline phone. The new digital cordless phones in North America (DECT phones) constantly emit microwave radiation, even when not in use. The older analogue phones emit microwave radiation only when being used. The best option for reducing RF exposure is to use a wired phone.

5. Cell phone (mobile phones)

Text instead of talk, and use the ‘speakerphone’ option when talking and don’t hold the phone next to your head. Do not keep the phone in a pocket, in your bra, or on a belt. When the signal is weak and/or phone is searching for a carrier, it is transmitting at maximum power and should not be used at this time. When not using your cell phone, keep in airplane mode (with Wi-Fi turned off) so it does not radiate.

6. Electrical panel & utility room

Ensure that workers (students) are at least 3 meters from an electric panel and are not adjacent to a utility room as these generate high magnetic fields. Note: Low-frequency magnetic fields (those that we use for electricity) can penetrate walls, windows, doors, ceilings and floors. Consequently, exposure in one room may be coming from an adjacent room. For this reason, it is important to spend as little time as possible near such sources even if they are on the other side of the wall. Radio frequency radiation can also penetrate walls and is blocked or reflected by metal objects generating potential hotspots. If you are in a location where there are radio frequency (RF) sources and metal objects (filing cabinet, fridge, stove, sink, etc.), your RF exposure may be higher or lower depending on the location of the source, the metal and your body. Recommendation: Have a qualified technician measure your workplace for electrosmog. In areas where people spend hours each day, levels should be less than the following values: 1 milliGauss for power frequency magnetic fields; 5 V/m for power frequency electric fields; 40 GS units for dirty electricity; 0.01 microW/cm2 for wireless radiation; 0.5 V for ground current at 60 Hz; and 10 mV for kHz ground current.

Prevention is better than cure!

Electromagnetic hygiene in your bedroom

We spend a third of each day in our bedroom and for that reason, it is important that the bedroom be electromagnetically clean. Reduce electrosmog by following the steps for your office as well as the steps below:

1. Baby monitor

Remove wireless baby monitors. Wireless baby monitors constantly transmit microwave radiation. Infants should not be exposed to this radiation. Sound activated baby monitors are not yet available in North America but are available in Europe.

2. Clock radio

Move clock radio (and other electric equipment) so it is at least 1 meter from your bed (clock radios emit electromagnetic fields that may affect sleep). Keep the bedroom as dark as possible as light also affects sleep.

3. Computer, cell phone, Wi-Fi router, tablets

Unplug the computer at night if it is in your bedroom. Disconnect the Wi-Fi router and turn your cell phone off or keep it in airplane mode with WiFi turned off. This is especially important for children under the age of 18. Several national and international advisories are recommending that children under the age of 18 limit their cell phone use. Use iPods/iPads/smart tablets in airplane mode with WiFi turned off and use a wired computer for Internet access.

4. Smart meters

Ask your utility to have your wireless smart meter wired or use analogue smart meters. If this is not possible, use GS filters 1 to reduce the levels of dirty electricity generated by smart meters. Do not sleep in rooms adjacent to the smart meter. Shielding of the meter may be necessary if your smart meter emits radiation frequently. Watch this video about smart meters

5. Electric blanket and waterbed

Avoid use of electric blankets and waterbeds. If you need to use an electric blanket, unplug it after it has warmed the bed. This eliminates the electric and magnetic fields generated by these blankets. If you turn the electric blanket off but leave it plugged in, it will generate an electric field. So to reduce exposure unplugging the blanket is essential.

Light That Heals: Energy Medicine Today & Beyond by Donna Fisher

Light That Heals: Energy Medicine Today & Beyond by Donna Fisher – Available on Kindle, etc

6. Turn bedroom power off

Consider turning off the power (at the electrical panel) to your bedroom (and adjacent rooms) while you sleep.


To sum up

It’s a well-researched book on the dangers of electromagnetic pollution with some fundamental tips on how to avoid it and protect yourself from it and some interesting ideas and new technologies for a better and brighter future. I strongly recommend getting the ebook or paperbackLight That Heals: Energy Medicine Today & Beyond by Donna Fisher  –  a timely warning for the conscious and health seeking individuals. Research suggests that 3-30% of the population might be already electrosensitive (see the conference on Electromagnetic Radiation or watch the video below from that conference). Having talked people who are electrosensitive and advising them, I can’t stress enough: prevention is better than cure. Donna Fisher’s website  she’s written other books on the subject.

The Republic of Kazakhstan, dirty electricity and electrosmog
Some countries take the health of their population much seriously. For example the Republic of Kazakhstan. From the book: “The International Conference on Electromagnetic Fields and Human Health was held in the Republic of Kazakhstan in September 2003. In November of the same year, the state health department of the Republic of Kazakhstan issued sanitary norms addressing Transient EMF, a move which historically takes decades.” and “The Republic of Kazakhstan has acknowledged that there is no safe level of exposure to dirty electricity. A limit of 50 GS units (industrial) was immediately mandated to protect workers. For the public, in their homes and non-industrial workplaces, a reading less than 30 GS units is easier to achieve.” To find out more about The Republic of Kazakhstan, dirty electricity and electrosmog read the book.

From my feng shui experience a few more tips for combating electro-smog:

• Avoid metal beds and metal spring mattresses

An organic foam mattress is ideal because it doesn’t contain any metal which can amplify electro-smog.
Mention my name (Jan Cisek) and you’ll get 15% off the price.

• Sleep in total darkness 

Most light (not red or orange though) and strong electromagnetic pollution (light is electromagnetic) will affect your melatonin production and consequently your sleep. Use eye masks if necessary.

• Install a demand switch for your bedroom

If possible, install a demand switch which will cut off all electricity in your bedroom once you switch off the last lamp (by your bed). There is one downside to the demand switch technology – you won’t be able to charge your mobile phone, etc.

• Earth or ground yourself

Earthing or grounding helps with electro-smog. People with electrosensitive report lesser symptoms when they’re earthed or grounded.
There are four basic ways to earth yourself to benefit from it:
1) earth your bed (requires some knowledge and testing equipment)
2) walk barefoot whenever you can (not very practical) but even touching a tree for a few minutes can make a difference
3) have regular short, 10-20min baths in the evening (my favourite). People who are electrosensitive discovered that they had fewer symptoms when they were having baths because they were naturally earthed. Add some Espom salts or magnesium (magnesium is depleted from our bodies when we get stressed) to your bath.
4) get Helios3 – geopathic stress harmoniser (very easy to install – just plug it into the socket) which adds Schumann resonance/waves – which is the heartbeat of the Earth  to your environment.
Read more about grounding / earthing

• Install dirty electricity filters

Dirty electricity (DE), which is mentioned a lot in Light That Heals: Energy Medicine Today & Beyond by Donna Fisher is very easy to solve. Just install some dirty electricity filters. Different houses, depending on the number of electrical appliances and the electrical wiring will require a different number of dirty electricity filters. It’s best to get somebody (like me) to measure the dirty electricity and install the right number of dirty electricity filters. But you can do it yourself: 1) get a dirty electricity meter 2) get some dirty electricity filters (most homes will need 5-20 dirty electricity filters depending on the levels of radiation). Please note that dirty electricity is different from general electromagnetic pollution – it’s just one of many aspects/sources of the electromagnetic smog.

• Don’t use the microwave oven

Ever. Read about the dangers of microwave ovens

• Eat well and take supplements

Optimise your diet. The stronger your constitution the better. Donna Fisher suggests taking vitamin C and magnesium on regular bases. I take ginko biloba – it protects from environmental pollutions and radiation (ginko biloba was the only tree that survived the Hiroshima nuclear bomb). Check yourself for any mineral deficiencies and toxicity. I trust that you don’t have any amalgam tooth filings (metal can amplify electro-smog) – use Heavy Metal Magnet tablets which helps remove heavy metals from your body naturally and safely. And that you eat organic foods at home (and don’t use sugar – if you want an alternative to sugar then xylitol is the best option). There is a homoeopathic remedy for electrosensitivity called Algin if you’re electrosensitive.

• Learn to manage stress

Learn tapping / EFT which helps with reducing stress and boosting the immunity. Mindfulness and breathing help too. Breath in for 5 seconds and breath out for 5 seconds without any pauses. HRV research suggests that this type of breathing syncs breathing with your blood pressure rhythm and improves your heart rate variability (HRV).

Watch this talk Diagnosis and Management of Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS): Rapid Overview for a mixed audience by Dr Erica Mallery-Blythe

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